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Straight razor shave at your favorite barber shop in Montreal

One of the main reasons why people promote shaving with a straight razor is because of the “manly” factor that comes with it. True, it looks cool when shaving, but that is hardly the reason to go back your granddad’s way of shaving. Here are a few reasons why you need to ask for a straight razor shave when you are at BlokeBarbers in West Island.

Close cut shave

Sure, the cartridge razors that come with multiple blades promise a close cut, smooth shave. However, they are still far behind on the quality of a shave when compared to a straight razor.

Modern cartridge razors feature 3, 4 or 5 blades that are prefixed at a certain angle to give you a satisfactory shave. However, a straight razor in the right hands can be manipulated and angled to suit the contours of your face, thus resulting in a much better shave. Besides, running a blade multiple times over your skin is actually detrimental to the skin and the hair. With a straight razor, you only have one blade running over your skin, unlike the multi-blade cartridges.

Say bye- bye to razor burn

A hasty shave can result in a cut on the cheek or worse, a razor burn. A nightmare indeed. Although there are a number of home remedies that you can use to minimize the discomfort caused by a razor burn, it is always better to avoid it completely. Professional barbers at your neighborhood barber shop will offer a close cut shave using a straight razor that leaves you feeling good without any irritation on your cheeks. Professional shaves also involve warm towels, moisturizers and custom made shaving creams that result in an excellent shave. A

Rocking side burns          

If you shave with a safety razor, chances are your sideburns are uneven in shape and size. There is no way you can actually get your side burns right with those angled razors. A straight razor, however, enables you to correctly angle and shave off the right amount of side burns, giving you a classy look. Put the razor in a professional’s hand and your side burns will look even classier. By getting in touch with the experienced BlokeBarbers in West Island, you can be assured of a stunning makeover without trying too hard.

Investing in a good shave at a good barber shop in Montreal will ensure a clean, close cut shave that leaves you looking like a true gentleman. No more worries about cuts and bruises because of a sloppy shave. Just get in touch with the barber of your choice and you will find yourself hogging the limelight wherever you go.

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