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Why Should You Buy Risotto Spoon?

The main purpose of this kitchen tool is to cook risotto. Do you know this meal? If you do being fond of Italian cuisine, then you cannot do without a risotto spoon. It will help you to prepare this stunning dish made of rice in a proper way achieving the most intensive stirring, which is so important for the needed result.

In order to achieve one and only risotto with silky and creamy texture, you should strictly follow the cooking instruction, step by step mixing the simple ingredients until they joint completely and become a marvel.

A lot of professional cooks prefer the particular tools not only because they want to turn the dull process into a show, but due to understanding that such things are made with the idea to improve the result. The construction of such tools is developed by well-informed people who understand how every detail can influence the taste of the dish. In addition, such special thing usually simplifies the work for a man involved in cooking. The ergonomic design allows to reach the needed result with less efforts.

So, what is so special about a risotto spoon? In order to appreciate all its peculiarities, first we are going to remember the traditional recipe.

Being based on rice and broth the dish may include various components except the traditional ones. The common thing to add is white wine. To make the taste and flavor more definite and interesting you should put some butter, Parmesan cheese, and onion in it. But any additional product is the matter of preferences. You can use vegetables, mushrooms, seafood – anything you want to see in your risotto. Though, the rice should be only high-starch and cooked only in accordance with the special technique. It is poached in broth of any kind you like, but sometimes it can be removed with water.

The standard procedure starts with the onion and butter with olive oil warmed in a pan over the medium heat. When the onion is mild, you should add all amount of rice and let it become coated with the fragrant fat just for a couple of minutes. Now the part of prepared beforehand broth is added and here the most crucial point begins. You should stir the rice in a liquid all the cooking time without a pause. When water or broth is evaporated, you should pour more of it and continue stirring. As you do so, the starch gets into the environment and make the dish thick and creamy. Here the tool you use to stir matters a lot.

Take a special risotto spoon made of wood with that particular form of a bowl. You will see a hole in the middle of it. This holed utensil must comfortable for you of course because you are expected to stay for about thirteen minutes near the oven and do your job continuously.

Thus, a risotto spoon is light and has a long and strong handle as far as you will apply some force when stirring. It is made of soft wood because for this dish you’d better use a pan with a non-stick surface and it is important not to damage it. Then this magic hole – why is it here? It makes the stirring more efficient allowing mixing the ingredients intensively.

Buying this utensil, you show your professional attitude towards cooking and take advantages of its construction. None of the feature of it is by coincidence here. Every detail has the reason to be applied to this tool. Eco-friendly wood can be replaced by modern silicon material if you want.

Do not be afraid to spend money on the thing that you use once in a while. It is perfect for cooking various sauces and even cream soups.

Thanks God! We have the possibility to master our skills and revealing the professional secretes create the perfect dishes with the original taste at home without going to Italy and visiting the expensive restaurants.

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