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Why is it important to download BehindMyWalls?

We often like to think that our walls are mysterious things. These stories are brought about the various films and TV shows that portrayed horror stories of the walls. But in reality, our walls have critical things in them. These things are more realistic like wires, water pipes, and gas lines. They are crucial for us as they bring essentials to our house. So, any disruption will cause agony in you and even cost you a lot of money. But BehindMyWalls have taken the initiative of making the task easier for every house owner.

Why download such an app?

  • Most of us fully rely on our contractors when it comes to building the homes. This is justified because we aren’t professionals in the matter. But it is crucial to keep up with their work and also keep an eye on them. An app like BehindMyWalls will let you take pictures when they are putting critical things under the walls. This will ensure that you are with proof if anything goes wrong after the drywall has been placed.
  • Often houses will need repairs and enhancements after a few years. Apps like BehindMyWalls helps you in keeping a visual library of the things presents behind the walls of your house. So, you can share your photos with your potential constructor. They wouldn’t need to do any guesswork, and the work will be done far more easily.
  • If you like to DIY your house, then this is one of the best apps to have. Often DIY projects include wiring. They are also crucial in setting up fancy lights or fans. So, with the app, you will be able to locate the wires that are needed for the project. The same thing can apply to the easiness of drilling in bathrooms. Having a photo or video will ensure that you do not drill in the waterline.
  • Another place where it can help is when you are about to build a new home. If you want it to have similar wiring as your old home, just show the constructors the photos that you have already taken.

So, the initiative brought about by BehindMyWalls is a great one. It will help you or your handyman in figuring out everything that you need to perform on the inside of the wall. The app is currently available in the App store for free. It is quite a great app for being a new release.

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