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Wedding Trends to Look Out for in 2018

If you are looking for some inspiration to plan a perfect wedding this year, then you are in absolute luck. As we have brought you the up and coming trends which are going to rule the 2018 wedding season. The best part about these trends is that they are perfectly suitable for any type of wedding from traditional to casual. So, let’s take you through some of these trends to help you choose from.

1.     Decorate the Aisle with Potted Plants

The aisles will be seen transforming into garden beds this year. This tremendous trend will lend the most beautiful décor to the whole ceremony. To enhance the beauty of the pots, they can be wrapped in silk according to the color theme of the wedding while hiding the pots. This harmonious décor idea will help blend with nature effortlessly.

2.     Indoor Venues making a Comeback

Last year has been all about outdoor weddings. However, this year the couples would be reclaiming the indoors but just not the average banquet halls, rather they would go for the industrial and open spaces with high ceilings which are just as airy and spacious as the outdoors.

3.     Colorful Floral Settings

The floral scene for this year is also very unique as it will be inclined towards darker and textured florals with much detailing. In other words, the floral scene is going to be completely dramatic with the appearance of darker colors and extremely eloquent detailing. One major color to watch out for in this regard is purple and its shades including lilac, lavender, wine and mauve.

4.     Colored Candles

If adding vintage romance to your big day is a must for you, then what better than the statement candles to do so? But what is new this year is that you wouldn’t be going with the standard ivory candles, rather add a splash of colors to them. So, add an unexpected twist to the wedding décor with colored candles scattered throughout the event space or just the table’s capes.

5.     Innovative Place Cards

The place cards are going to take the most unusually creative turn this year. Although paper is going to be the major medium for that matter, the latest trend will make you be a bit more innovative. It will include making the cards of edible materials or further unusual medium like vases etc. this unique idea will lend a whole fresh twist to the aesthetic of the event.

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