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The Vibrant Bangkok – Fun and Festivals

Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is an amalgam of charming contrasts. From regal palaces to ancient shrines, swanky malls to bustling street markets, towering skyscrapers to Buddhist monasteries – the city is a melting pot of diverse cultures and ways of living. Delhi to Bangkok flights are not difficult to find, making it a popular holiday destination from India. To experience Bangkok and all that it has to offer, plan a visit here during any of the many festivals held in the city. You will meet people, sample the local cuisine, join in with crazy gatherings and partake in the outdoor extravaganzas. Bangkok is fun, and there are festivals to show you a jolly good time. Have a look at the list of festivals held in Bangkok to make up your mind. There is a lot going on.

Songkran – Songkran or the Water Festival is one of the most popular events on the Thai cultural calendar. Water fights are held all over the city and also in other parts of the country. Held in the month of April, music and dance are an integral part of the festivities. It will remind you of the festival of Holi in India which marks the advent of spring. People on the streets are drenched in water by water guns and hosepipes. With the summer temperatures soaring in Thailand, this is just what the doctor recommends, in order to cool down. Drink up a few beers and you are good to go. What started as a Buddhist tradition of sprinkling water to cleanse the soul, has today transformed into an all-out street carnival. Who would not recommend participating in this uproarious merrymaking?

Loy Krathong – It is the time of the year when the locals worship the Goddess of Water. On the full moon night of November, the Thai people descend on lakes and rivers to celebrate Loy Krathong. Candles, incense, and flowers are set afloat on lotus-shaped Krathongs. These tiny rafts are released into the surrounding water-bodies and paint quite the pretty picture. It is one of the most beautiful ceremonies you will witness in Bangkok. Keep your camera handy to capture some new memories that were just made. This is Thailand’s own ‘festival of lights’. It marks the end of the harvest season and the floating Krathongs symbolise the gratitude of the people. Try to float a Krathong of your own during the Loy Krathong festival. Locals will have you know that if your candle is not out, even as your Krathong drifts out of sight, you can count on a year of great good luck!

Yi Peng – The festival of Yi Peng is celebrated all over the country. Celebrated on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month (as Thai people follow the lunar calendar), it is usually held in November. Beautifully lit lanterns carrying good luck wishes are released into the air. This symbolises the letting-go of all things evil. On the Bangkok streets, you will hear songs and see dance shows to celebrate the event. Food vendors also set up stalls and there are firework displays at night. There are many rooftop bars in Bangkok like the Skybar and Attitude, from where you can watch the night sky on Yi Peng. The Loy Krathong festival comes right after it. It is the season to rejuvenate and wake up to a new life, a new tomorrow. Festivals in Bangkok are often spiritual and connect people on a deeper level.

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