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Triturating Juicers: Are They Really the Best Juicers?

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Juicers are becoming incredibly popular in our daily life thanks to the growing awareness about their nutritional benefits. The first step towards drinking a healthy juice would be to get a juicer itself. There are numerous types of juicers in the market, and one of the best happens to be triturating juicer money can buy. Also known as the twin gear juicer, the trend of using these in order to use the various types of fruits and greens is growing ever faster.

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leafy greens

The biggest difference between the triturating juicer and the centrifugal or masticating juicer is the presence of two augers. Furthermore, these two augers are interlocking. It means that the vegetables and fruits are not immediately crushed when they are put into the juicer. Instead, they pass through the two gears, which are interlocked, and get slowly crushed as they move. The movement may be slow but it results in a clear difference between juice and pulp. In the process, the triturating juicer has one of its smallest weaknesses – speed.

Advantages of Twin Gear Juicer

It is not a big secret that twin gear juicers are expensive – especially in comparison with the centrifugal or masticating juicer – but the benefits are immense as well. Here are some of the advantages of this type of juicer:

Ability to Juice Anything – A common disadvantage with many of the normal juicers is that some of the vegetables – especially the leafy greens – cannot be used. Some are even restricted to only a certain type of fruits. However, this is not an issue with the triturating juicer which can handle just about anything thrown its way. This includes everything from leafy vegetables to citrus fruits. It can even handle wheatgrass, thus eliminating the need for buying a wheatgrass juicer separately.

leafy greens

Higher Output – The slow mechanism adopted by the triturating juicers makes it the best possible juicer in order to extract the maximum quantity of juice from the pulp. Thus, the juice obtained will have the maximum quantity of nutrients that were in the pulp.

Higher Quantity of Juice – If you require a large quantity of juice for everyday requirement due to the presence of large members, the triturating juicer may be the best possible solution considering that it can handle quite a lot in terms of output. It is significantly higher than a centrifugal juicers output and better than a masticating juicer.

Other Food Products – Rather than just being a juice extractor, the triturating juicer can also be made to produce food stuff like pasta, fruit sauces, nut butter, and baby food. There are also attachments available which can increase the multipurpose nature of the triturating juicer to even produce bread sticks and rice cakes.

Limits Oxidation – A huge problem with regard to a centrifugal juicer is the problem of oxidation caused by the heat produced while juicing. As a result, the shelf life of the product is severely limited. One cannot store the juice from a centrifugal juicer – without being spoiled – for more than 12 hours, even if it is refrigerated inside a container with a tight lid. However, since no heat is produced during the working of a triturating juicer, the juice can be kept even for days under the same conditions.

Limitations of Triturating Juicing Machine

For a strong list of advantages, one of the biggest limitations of the triturating juicer is the price. Further, it may also be a little difficult to clean due to a large number of parts.

These being said, a triturating juicer can be really helpful when it comes to basically any task that involves juicing.

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