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Training Your Own using the Dog Shock Collar with Remote

When your dog happens to bark persistently at home or he gets easily distracted off leash, you’ll wonder what went wrong. In this situation, a dog shock collar with remote will do the trick. This method of an electrical shock to change your dog’s stubborn behavior can be used when other method doesn’t go as planned. In facta , shock collars are already used by trainers since the 1960’s, especially into training hunting dogs. Today, they are widely used to train family dogs. So, how does it work and why it’s an effective method to teach your dog without enduring harm?

How does a Dog Shock Collar with Remote Works in General?

A dog shock collar with remote is effortless and works best to improve any of your dog’s stubborn and undesired behavior. It is safe for your dog when used properly. Plus, it’s the best way to control any aggression on your dog anywhere when he’s off leash. It works like a command and response between the trainer (you) and the dog. Look for any persisting signs of aggression including barking, digging, jumping, chasing cars and strangers, and so on. Using the lowest shock mode, control and stimulate your dog’s undesired behavior that allows him to immediately respond to your instruction.

Verbal commands such as “Sit!”, “Stand”, “Stay!”, “No!”, “Down!” or “Come!” are commonly used to train dogs for positive reinforcement technique. Dogs just can’t get the idea of sentences. Hence, teach your dog to understand these short verbal commands before putting on the collar. In fact, the idea of positive reinforcement comes with a reward. Reward your dog every time he does what he’s told. Dogs love the treats and praises such as “Good Dog!” So, positive reinforcement and getting rewarded while using this collar shock will shape your dog’s behavior in no time. Your dog will continue to do the correct behavior.

The remote lets you control the vibration and the stimulation level on your dog’s collar shock. It’s a wake-up call for your dog to know that he must obey on your commands. When the shock is stimulated, your dog will feel an irritating feeling on the skin but it’s not meant to harm him. Once your dog learns every shock and your commands means “No”, in no time, he will avoid and stop any undesirable behavior and aggression. Always set the remote control with the lowest level of electrical stimulation. Depending on your dog, you may increase the level when needed.

Making Sure it is the Right Dog Shock Collar

Carefully deciding what’s the best collar for your dog doesn’t have to be difficult. If any training techniques doesn’t work for your dog to stop his aggression, then it’s recommended for you to take advantage of the dog shock collar with remote. It’s the most effective way to minimize your dog’s stubborn behavior. There are a variety of brands for you to choose from. Any brands from Dogtra, SportDOG, DT Systems, Petsafe and many more are on the 2017 top list of electrical collars. To get one, make sure it contains all of the good features in a shock collar.

  • Waterproof and rechargeable batteries- Waterproof collars are definitely a plus feature you should be getting. It’s good for your dog who loves the water or for taking him for a walk out in the rain. It usually comes with rechargeable battery. When it’s full charge, it can go up to 2 or 3 days.
  • Range- Do you expect to control your dog at a longer (2 miles and more) or shorter distance (½ a mile)? Depending on your environment (backyard or field), range can be significant in terms of how far in sight your dog will be.
  • Stimulation levels- Momentary vs Continuous stimulation are the things you need to consider. Momentary stimulation happens only a split second when pressing the button. Continuous stimulation works for as long as you press and hold the button for a longer shock effect.
  • Alert modes- Most collar shocks have alert options as a way to get your dog’s attention. Either a vibrate mode (silent commands) and an audible tone mode (loud commands). The Dogtra, DT Systems and other brands have only a vibrate mode. While, Garmin products use only a tone mode. Whereas, SportDog products have both features.

If you are in a tight budget but really in need for a dog shock collar with remote, there are a variety of good brands to choose from. They will cost you less than $200. The good ones include the products from Dogtra, Garmin, DT Systems and also E-Collar Technologies. The more expensive ones are better in their capability suitable for dogs who needed to be trained longer. Again, if you think your dog needs only a bit of training, why not getting him a collar shock at an affordable price?

The Pros and Cons from Customer Reviews

Let’s find out more what customers have to say when they spend on a collar shock for their dogs. To some dog owners, there are some pros and cons. Hopefully the reviews will help you decide what’s best to stop your dog’s undesired behavior.

Pros- To most, they can see changes in their dog’s behavior and it’s an effective tool. Dogs learned quickly to learn their owner’s commands and the electrical stimulation didn’t hurt the dogs much.

Cons- For active dogs, they tend to run fast and out of range or far from their owner’s sight. So, the chasing needs to be done before you even command your dog.

Pros- The ability to control a dog’s behavior is another positive review from customers. With the stimulation levels are effective to stop dogs from repeating such undesired behavior.

Cons- This type of remote collars just doesn’t work with dogs who are too aggressive which leads to anxiety and more aggression, and for puppies as well.

Therefore, a dog shock collar with remote is an effective tool to reduce and soon eliminate your dog’s stubborn behavior. Make sure you read through our point of view regarding this specific collar shock. It’s a form of positive punishment but in a way, your dog will feel happy once he gets his reward.

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