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Top Universities to Study Business in London

Top Universities to Study Business in London

Do you know what world’s financial capital is? Your guess is right, it’s London. There is no doubt that some of the best universities and colleges to study business are located here. Students who have attended London’s best universities have an advantage of getting hired in big corporations and companies. Most of the universities in London are ranked in the top 400 universities in the world. Here is the list of the top universities in London to study business.

London School of Economics and Political Science

One of the most well-known and prestigious college in the fields of finances, economics, and political studies, is London School of Economics and Political Science. It holds 35th position on the world’s top colleges list. It’s truly the world-leading school that has been specializing in social sciences. It’s located in the Chancery Area, the center of London and over 100 different nationalities are defined at LSE.

University College London

It’s the third oldest university in England, founded in 1826. Among internal business students, University College London is very popular because the research teams and college staff are best among all. They offer a kind of spacious range of courses which makes this London College on the map. Each year the university enrolls over 28,000 students.

King’s College

Another one of the oldest, well-known, and prestigious college in the world is King’s College London. It’s ranked as the 19th best university in the world. From very long, the university is gaining fame for delivering the best courses in the field of business and management, health sciences, law, and business. This college has 5 campuses, with four of them in close range to another in London.

City University London

The college is commonly known as the city because it has a very close relationship with the financial district of London, which is called as “The City”. Student graduating from this university feel proud because it ties closely to the UK’s biggest financial players and the world. Their business courses and classes among all variety of courses are considered to be the exemplary and excellent.

The School of Oriental and African Studies

Founded in 1916, SOAS is one of the highly regarded Universities in the academic sense in the UK. Earlier, it was famous with the name School of Oriental Studies. The university holds 350 specialist staff members and last year, 5,500 students enrolled for in this university. It’s the only college in Europe, who offer specialization in this field. Other course offered by this university is business and management, which is also highly valued.

Brunel University

Founded in 1966, Brunel College has received a Royal Charter which allows the college to convert into Brunel University. Their engineering department is superb and business related courses are counted as the most valued and respected one. Brunel holds highly rated students amongst all and is considered as one of the best London universities to satisfy students and their family.

Queen Mary University of London

With a very interesting history, Queen Mary’s roots go to four colleges including London Hospital Medical College, Westfield College, Queen Mary, and Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical. In 1915, it becomes a part of the University of London. Most respected courses among all is their business courses and medical courses.

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