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Top tips to teach your pet dogs to stay within fence

To our understanding, dogs and fences go hand in hand. Undoubtedly, a good fence will try and keep your pet within your restricted area so as to keep your pet away from other dogs or any other kind of danger. To know more about fencing techniques visit Many dogs think the fence to be a challenge that needs to be surmounted, thereby digging, climbing and going over it. The point in keeping your pet inside a fence is to keep him safe and not to create puzzles for him, thereby worsening the situation.

Here are the top tips to teach your pets to stay within the fence:

  • Remove Aids to Escape

Dogs can amazingly make use of anything trying to escape from a courtyard. A garbage bag or piled up firewood can be used as a platform by the dog for escaping. Even a tree with low hanging branches can serve the same purpose. Removing such aids of escaping can keep your dog safe within the fence.

  • Restricting Dog’s View

Dogs tend to escape out of the yard as they clearly get the vision of the fun happening outside, especially getting views of other dogs, kids, squirrels and many other things. For limiting their vision, one can adopt reed fencing which is relatively inexpensive. Plastic slates can also be woven along the fence, though not blocking the total view. Growing vines or climbing shrubs along the fence can also block your dog’s view.

  • Stop Fence Tunnelers

Dogs tend to dig under a fence for escaping. Filling in these holes regularly won’t be much helpful as the dogs can continue digging which can be frustrating at some point of time. The best solution to this is creating an L-footer all along the base of the fence. Wire squares or fencing can be unrolled along the sides of the fence. This keeps the bottom of the L staked to the ground being covered with gravel, dirt, rocks or grass, thereby providing any space for the dog to dig and escape.

  • Stop Fence Jumpers

Also, create an L-footer fence but needs to be turned upside down so as to prevent your dog from jumping over the fence. This will again guard the dog as one part of the L gets fastened to the fence, and the rest of the side gets angled to the top of the yard, making your dog to loop up as the fencing is right above him.

  • Coyote Rollers Stop Climbers

These are designed in a way either to slow down or stop coyotes (dogs in this case) from climbing into one’s yard. There are commercial coyote rollers set up available in the market, or you can create your own handy one.

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