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Top Tips To Consider Before Replacing Your Roof In Michigan

Replacing roof is a critical issue because you need to think a lot. But do you know actually the points you need to count before you provide a green signal for your roofing contractor?  Here goes the checklist of top issues you need to count before finally replacing your roof.

You may consider roof over option

Replacing an old roof and installing a new one is an expensive venture no doubt. If you have a tight budget for your home’s roof replacement, you may consider a roof over the plan. In this process, a new roof is spread on old roof and that saves your labour and disposal cost but in the long run, this option may come as an expensive decision. The reasons are:

  • New shingles may get quickly damaged due to moisture build up and heat generation
  • There is a chance that underlying decking may remain damaged.

You must contact a reliable and experienced roofing contractor to get a right assistant on this issue.

Check for the best provision of ventilation

Contact your roofing contractor and take advice if the ventilation arrangement can be improved.  Arranging best ventilation is one of the best ways for extending the service life of this roofing. Only an experienced roofing contractor can help you in this aspect.

Besides you need to measure your roofing in a professional way so that the sizing of the roof gets accurate.

Check the woods under shingles

If you are Michigan, ask your Dearborn Michigan roofing contractors to inspect the woods under shingles and check if they are in good condition. Unless you check and repair the wood frame, installing new roof may not be as durable as you have planned.

Other issues to be counted before roof replacement

Some additional issues that you have to take care of your roof replacement are:

  • Wind resistance
  • Warranty of the job after it is done
  • Check if the price is reasonable
  • Check if the contractors will protective covering on the new roof, which extends the service life of the roof.

These are the points you need to check before fixing your rood replacement. However, do not forget to hire a reputable contractor of Michigan for your project.

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