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Top Three Online Cash Games To Beat Monsoon Blues

It is again that time of the year when we love staying indoor and enjoy freshly prepared fritters with a cup of tea! With limited contact to the external world, online cash games come up as a perfect alternative where you can play and win some real money. Skill based games like the rummy card game encourages the player to plan and executive their every move. However, there are also a few games like the Poker and the Dream11 which are pure games of chance and are based on anticipation or speculations. On days when stepping out of your house is troublesome, online cash games are something to look forward to.

In times when the gloomy weather can dampen your spirits and leave you depressed, playing online games can be an effective way to keep oneself occupied. Feeling less productive or lazy is also pretty normal during the monsoon and on days when you are stuck indoors; the cash online games or regular online games help players to develop skills for complex problem-solving and leadership roles. Additionally, it also offers the ability to deal better with unexpected consequences while also enhancing a player’s skills of observation, intuitive abilities, and further refine their alertness and concentration. Playing games online is also a major source of learning and studies have proven how it helps to enhance the cognitive and creative skills. On days when it is raining cats and dogs outside, top three online cash games – Cash Rummy, Poker and Dream11 will indeed keep you entertained particularly on days when it is dark and gloomy outside.


Card games are quite popular in the country and is played across all regions. What started as a form of entertainment at social events for the elite soon entered the lives of the common man as well. Card games have also been the obvious choice when it rained outside, and people needed an alternative to keep them entertained. Owing to the development of digital technology and internet, card games soon gained popularity in the online gaming world as well. Unlike the regular online rummy games, the cash rummy is indeed a useful source of fun and entertainment as it lets you win some real cash. Particularly in India, the Indian rummy is one of the most popular games among the cash online games. The game requires you to be analytical and observant before making your next move, thereby emerging as a good gaming option to play in the monsoon.

Monsoons can undoubtedly activate our laidback mode and not everyone will like playing games that requires them to think and would indeed prefer playing games which have unpredictable results. In times like these, the Poker game emerges as a popular choice when it comes to the game of chance. Luck being the key element, players is required to play by instinct rather than come up with any real game plan. The game which was once seen as a recreational activity, soon gained popularity since the beginning of the 20th century. Poker is quite popular especially among the American as it combines instinct, psychology, mathematical ability and luck. Winning the game when you least expect it can indeed be a mood enhancer when it is all gloomy and mucky outside.

Monsoon can be turning off for many, but not really for sports enthusiast. Especially when an ongoing football or cricket match also gives you an opportunity to win prizes in form of real cash based on the team’s performance. Betting or match fixing is illegal in India; however, it is legal to create a virtual team of real-life players and earn points based on players’ performance. The Dream11 cash game has been the first choice for sports lovers who love to bet and win real money. The multiple fantasy sports that include cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball give you an opportunity to be the virtual team selector for an upcoming match. The road leading to your house might be flooded, but since you are trapped inside your home, you would rather want to focus on an upcoming game and select your players based on their past performances. As players of Dream11 will tell you, there is no real skill set required to play this game and anyone who follows either of the games mentioned above stand a chance of winning in the form of cash rewards.

Online cash games are indeed entertaining and fun to play during the monsoon especially when most of us prefer staying indoors. Irrespective of you choosing a skill-based game or the game of chance, both can be equally enjoyable and fun to play during the monsoon. As it continues to relentlessly pour outside, and you have ample time at hands, you can either play poker or learn how to play rummy via popular online cash gaming websites.

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