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Top 4 dishes you must try on a food tour of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only about Casinos and Hollywood. It is the place where culture, tradition and cuisine, too, come together and offer a memorable destination for travel lovers. Known for having influence of various places of the world on local cuisine, Los Angeles can be the perfect pit stop for a foodie. Listed here are some of the foods that are best managed by the locals of this lively city of the US.

  1. Ramen: A broth-like food served in bowl having noodles, pork and herbs as its main ingredients offers mouthful of delicacy. You will love everything about the dish right from its texture and color to its taste which is sure to stick to your taste buds for years to follow. Known as Tsukemen bowl, this food can be a filling start for Food Tours Los Angeles.
  2. Burgers: You can say ‘no’ to hamburgers anywhere in the world, but certainly not in LA. The signature dish of LA, as it turns out to be, the city joints serve the best quality burgers. Loaded with cheese, ham patties, and a dash of vegetables, this dish is filler worth trying during a food tour.
  3. Thai and Korean Foods: Surprisingly, this western part of the world has amazing expertise in preparing Thai and Korean dishes. There are certain joints that serve these exotic dishes in a taste which is way better than you get in their countries of origin.
  4. Tacos: LA food is incomplete without the mention of Tacos. There is no other land doing tacos the way LA does. So, pick any flavor of your choice, and eat at any food truck or a roadside joint; this dish is sure to go into your travel memoir.

So, when you are on a food tour to LA, make sure that your itinerary includes visiting the joints that serve these most popular delicacies the best.

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