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Top 10 places to surprise your friend with wedding cards

Surprising the friend is always very funny and the fun moments will stay in memories forever. Friendship is god’s gift and spending time with friends is really a fruitful one for all. In this competitive world everyone is completely stressed with their job roles, pay-outs, family issues, personal issues and many more. Need to forget all those headaches, just drop out a plan with your friends and you will feel fresh in your life.

Friends are very important in our life to stand behind us in all hectic situations. The self-confidence will motivate you at every moment of life. Not only for outing, playing and other weekend stuffs friendship must motivate the people at all situations. It’s easy to say I’m having a friend but it’s very hard to travel with a friend for a long run. You must understand each other in all pressurized situations and need to handle the things carefully without any misunderstanding.

If your wedding date is fixed don’t post any status in the social media and surprise your friends with special invitations. Buy some sparklers fireworks online while going to friend home for giving the wedding cards then burst it with fun and post that selfie in all social media. It will be one of the most surprising one for the selfie lover’s friends.

Plan a horror thriller movie with a friend and shock them by giving your wedding invitation in hand. Keep your date surprise before inviting the friend otherwise you will miss those funny crappy moments. Go for a long ride in your friend bike or car plan the perfect place and give your wedding cards and invite them. They will not forget that moment easily since it was so special for them.

Everyone will have their own bestie. So, plan for the lunch or dinner with the extraordinary buffet and opens up your marriage plans and date and share the invitation to the friend. Just send the mail to one of your close friend about the marriage details or invitations and make a surprise visit to home later with the wedding cards.

Most of the friends in cities are preferred night pubs for celebrating all fun events. The trend has been changed completely nowadays and even the marriage is also happening in the same pub with special DJ music and dance. So, call your friend and arrange the surprise pass for the night pubs with special DJ’s and favourite music’s and celebrate your wedding moment with unlimited fun.

Very rare to meet friends in temple if those kinds of people exist in this world and you can also invite the people by arranging the plan to visit temple for inviting. LoL! Surprising the friend is always the happy moment in our life and it shows our affection and love on them. Take time to show your best friend you care and show her through small surprises just how much she means to you.

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