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Things to Pay Attention in Painting Teak Wardrobe

Teak Wardrobe

Wardrobe becomes necessary furniture in your house. For this furniture, wooden material is best to choose. Talking about wooden wardrobe, teak becomes the recommended choice because of its durability. This wood is famous since it has great characteristics compared to other woods. It can handle weathers and temperatures well, so it can be great choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Therefore, wardrobe made of teak will be a great choice. In case you have teak wardrobe and want to make it more beautiful, painting it is good option. If you do not know what to do, these tips are useful.

Tips to Paint Teak Wardrobe

Well, to make your wardrobe look better and nicer, painting is a good solution. Applying color on its surface will make it look great and sometimes it can increase its durability. However, it is quite tricky to paint teak wardrobe. Now, check the tips below.

  1. Check the weather

When you are going to paint outside of your house, you must consider the weather well. To do this, the weather must be sunny and warm, so it can make the drying process run faster. Moreover, it is totally worsted to paint on rainy day. That is why checking the weather is necessary.

  1. Clean the surface

He color of paint can be stick to the surface of teak wardrobe when it is fully clean. This is the reason why you must clean the surface. It must be done to remove the dusts and other things in surface. Removing unnecessary layer will also give better place for paint to stick on it.

  1. Apply some layers

You may need to paint evenly the area of wardrobe. In this case, you may start with thin surface of paint in order to see the results. In case you love it and want to get bolder colors, you only need to get stronger combination. Multi-layer of painting is needed to give the stronger surface of paint.

Those are some tips to paint your wardrobe. It is actually easy to do. Then, once you have done with the painting process, you do not need to get in a rush. Although you may have tools to make the drying process faster, it is better to let the time to do it. It will be better, so the drying process can run well and it will dry the area of teak wardrobe evenly.

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