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The Need For The Better Society: Sex Education

Sex education is the education given to people about human sexual behavior. Children who are stepping towards the new phase of their life are more to have this kind of education from their parents, teachers, and caretakers to have a better and healthy life.

Lack of education sometimes leads to various sexual issues like erectile dysfunction by having certain medicine and consuming the recreational drugs more than it is needed. Viagra is the drug that is prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but teenagers are taking it without any physicians concern not knowing about the dosage and how it works.

Viagra couponis beingproviding by some of the online stores but they made it mandatory after the prescription only. These few steps are important for the children especially the teenagers who know life just for joy and excitements.

Teaching sex education is controversial as some of the parents feel it as a bad choice to pick according to them it creates interest in the children that result in involvement in sexual activities. Adolescence age is the age of storm and stress so it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make the right way for them.

It is seen that in this phase of life the children are more irritable and it is very important to have such sex education to make them calm and clear about all the factors affecting their life. Class conversation and discussion with the family members should be like that it makes them feel understood about this topic. Many of the experts say that sex education should be restricted only to the families and the parents must educate their children personally to have a healthy and happy life in the future.

Sex education is not limited to the single topic but it includes a number of significant matters that are offered with specially designed courses and programs. To have a strong base it is important to hold all the topics whether it is intimacy, romance activities, sexual disease and commitments towards your partner.

Teenagers are exposed to the internet and it is the time of internet where they easily get what they want. These sources give the knowledge superficially and deeply but how could the teenagers know about good and bad it’s all the responsibility of the teachers and parents to get them to know about what to hold and what not.

Many of the people say that sex education is not decreasing the rate of teenage pregnancies but if we go deep then there are shortcomings of society. sex education is not the topic of the world but still, it is important.

Except giving them sex education like a sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies, intimacy, proper terminology about the reproductive system should be taught to them. Holistic, comprehensive and non-judgmental sex education never misguides the teenagers. Sex education should be taken as the positive aspect for the individual development as well as the society.

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