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The Most Luxurious Villas in Los Angeles

Luxurious Villas in Los Angeles

Maybe it has something to do with back roads leading to green hills and the feeling that stars are obviously looking for — the seclusion of Bel Air and Beverly Hills is highly valued. The platinum triangle located in Los Angeles is the most popular place for celebrities’ homes. Hollywood is filled with these envy-inducing properties, which is why we’ve put together a list of the most fabulous ones.

Oprah Winfrey — The Promised Land

This 23,000 sf mansion is one of the most lavish homes in Montecito, California. This powerful estate gives Oprah 65 acres all to herself, and due to its massive size, it was appropriately named — The Promised Land. She purchased this $50 million home in 2001. It features a man-made lake, a tennis court, two massive theaters, and a wine cellar. Inside her extravagant home, there are six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, and a gourmet kitchen. When she happens to have guests, they can enjoy her outside theater or relax by the lake and rest in the huge guesthouse by the pool. Just by the pool, there is a tea house designed specifically for entertaining. So this expansive mansion really has it all. Its estimated value has doubled due to the most recent innovations, holding an astonishing price tag of $100 million.

Ellen Degeneres — The Villa

This stunning Santa Barbara estate was purchased in 2012 for an astonishing $35 million by the world-famous talk show host Ellen Degeneres. This Balinese-style property seems as if it was taken from the relaxing Tuscan countryside. It was designed by the famous architect master Robert Frost who originally built it during the 1930s. This is exactly why this California home displays the Old World rustic charm with its exposed beams, wide-wood floor planks, and locally quarried stones. The 10,500 sf mansion has six bedrooms, multiple libraries, nine fireplaces, and a captivating view of the Pacific Ocean. In the ‘backyard,’ the popular comedian gets to enojy the Roman-style pool that is surrounded by olive trees and antique Italian fountains. Ellen Degeneres is known as a real estate mogul who is constantly purchasing, redecorating, and flipping properties in California, and she plans to build an airport runway before she flips this astonishing 18th-century villa as well.

George Lucas — Mi Patria

The Star Wars mastermind purchased his Spanish Revival villa originally built in 1929 for $50 million. This mansion is set behind enormous palm trees on the Bellagio roads, and it spreads across 10,000 sf. It holds five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. George’s home is tucked behind giant bougainvillea bushes, and it features, among other impressive things, a double-height foyer, French doors, and a library that converts to a 35mm screening room when necessary. Outdoors, Lucas insisted on keeping the original Spanish architectural design with a few changes. The cobalt-blue swimming pool was improved by covered cabanas, azure mosaic tiles, and a fireplace with a delightful pool house right by. This Bel Air estate represents a blend between modern and Spanish Revival inspired details such as narrow-plank finished floors, stained-glass paneled ornamental windows, and arcade porch and terrace. The spectacular gardens are decorated with hand-painted tiles, and there’s a lot of green space designed for leisure activities. The artful landscaping and a dash of Spanish taste make this mansion incredibly charming.

Dan Bilzerian — The Mega Mansion

Dan Bilzerian is known as the “king of Instagram.” Some people love him, many detest him, but most importantly for him and his fame, most people know who he is. Now, to be perfectly fair, he owes most of his fortune to the fact that he is the son of a famous corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian. Nowadays, Dan boasts incredible wealth and the luxurious items that you could only see in movies. He drives the best cars, eats the best food, and even has an incredibly expensive private jet.

Now, Dan Bilzerian’s plane cost him an exorbitant amount of over $6 million, but that is nothing when you compare it to the cost of his new house. His Bel Air mansion is an architectural achievement that set him back over $90 million. And it was well worth it. The mansion features 31,000 sf of space and was only recently finished. It boasts 23 bathrooms, 12 bedroom suites (because just having bedrooms is for people who are not Dan Bilzerian), and a 5,600-square-foot master suite. The roof of his house features an “infinity” pool, a tennis court, and even a putting green for golf players. The only way you can try to not think about this “home” as being mind-blowing is to consider that his first neighbors are the royal family of Qatar and that they are building a home that might one day overshadow Bilzerian’s humble abode.

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