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Technologies Harnessed in Every Recent Hyundai Model

Among the top automotive brands that has always dominated the market, Hyundai is a prominent name. To make all its consumers enjoy a better ride and driving experience, Hyundai is in a constant pursuit of making things better than before. For this, the most intelligent moves it takes is harnessing the latest found technologies in every front of its vehicles, including performance, safety, comfort and convenience. The story however doesn’t end here. We realized very soon, when we dropped at the showroom of the Petaluma Hyundai, that the popularity of Hyundai never wavers, because of the one simple motto they follow, i.e., tailoring the vehicle components for every unique customer need. Even the technologies installed in every Hyundai vehicle are tailored as per the preferences of the different market demands.

Specially Tailored Technology Just for You

Whether you want a sunroof or want an emergency automatic braking on your chosen Hyundai model, the automaker will tailor it as per your convenience, and that is reflected in the different model trims it offers if you like a series and want something extra on it.

Fuel Efficiency is Never Ignored

Hyundai is a brand that is made for the mass. Whether it is designing or engineering the powertrains, Hyundai makes sure, the performance never takes a toll on fuel economy.

Technologies that Hyundai deploy to ensure this fuel efficiency in every model it releases, is the popular Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology that directly injects the fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber not only to increase its fuel efficiency but also to reduce the ratio of carbon emissions.

The new EcoShift Dual Clutch Transmission is yet another technology you will find in most of its models to allow the right amount of power to starting from the engine reaching the transmission in an uninterrupted flow that increases the fuel efficiency drastically.

Technologies for Comfort and Convenience

To make a car that makes you feel at home and rather in a luxurious cabin, Hyundai has enlisted a number of technologies that will n ever allow the roughness of the road journeys to touch you. Moreover, understanding the simple fact the smooth ride in any vehicle depends upon the driver, Hyundai leaves no scope to strain then nerves of the person who is sitting behind the wheels.

That is how you find the Integrated Memory System attached to the cockpit off the driver that can store two different unique driver seating configurations along with side mirror positions at the single touch of a button. This is to make sure, the driver doesn’t have to adjust everything from zero as per his convenience. Features like hands-free smart trunk functionality help opens the trunk automatically when it senses that your key fob is nearing the trunk. The Heated rear seats are there to keep you warm and cozy while a host of connectivity features keep you in touch with the outside world, even when you are on the move.

Summing Up

Ask anyone who is a member of the Hyundai family, like the people we met at the Petaluma Hyundai dealership, and they will explain you how Hyundai rounds up all the technologies to ensure each ride you take wit a Hyundai brings you back smiling.

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