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Strange & Funny Australia: Festivals to Attend

Australia is a large country in which there live cheerful and slightly crazy people. Therefore, every year there are many different festivals. As a rule, they are bright and interesting, so you should not miss them if you suddenly found yourself nearby. Below is a list of the most popular and unusual festivals in Australia.

Chinchilla Melon Festival

This is probably one of the strangest festivals. The fact is that in Chinchilla, they grow a quarter of all the watermelons in the country, and to attract the people’s attention and have a great time, the Australians came up with the appropriate holiday. The event is held once every two years. This is not just a feast of eating watermelons, but the day when with the biggest berry you can do everything that your heart desires – to throw, break or roll. There is even a contest for spitting watermelon stones in length. For fans of the theory, lectures and poetical readings are conducted on a watermelon theme. The main thing is to choose clothes that you do not want to throw away, because nobody leaves the festival clean.

Tasting Australia Festival

Another gastronomic festival is held annually in April in the city of Melbourne and its suburbs. Here for only $20 you can try a variety of food, typically local and exotic. Moreover, you can treat yourself with a huge quantity of chocolate of all possible and impossible kinds and have an excursion through wine cellars. The main highlight of the program is the longest lunch in the world.

Festival of Lights

Be sure to visit this spectacular and bright event. This is a complex of art events and installations in Sydney, a grandiose light show at Opera House, which will definitely impress you! If Sydney is firmly entrenched the glory being “the most beautiful” megapolis of “country of kangaroos”, the festival Vivid Sydney can safely claim the title of “the brightest” event of the Australian cultural calendar. For almost a month, more than 90 light and sound projections transform the central part of the “City by the Bay” into a fantastic work of art. Creators of the enchanting festival are the team of 150 outstanding lighting designers from 20 countries. To create animated “light-performances”, ethnic motifs, taken from the works of Australian Aboriginal artists, as well as masterpieces of classics of world painting are used.

EOYF car festival

The car festival EOYF in Australia is also definitely worth seeing: auto sound, roaring engines and chic cars. The abbreviation stands for End of Year Fest, held in January. The country’s top drifters and more than 1600 interesting auto-exhibits will take part in this festival. The entrance for the car owner with the car costs $30, for the onlookers from $20 to $30. You can buy a family ticket for five people for $90.

Film Festival

In June, you will have the chance to watch films at the Sydney Film Festival – one of the most influential events of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Best films on the large screen will make your day!


International Boat Show

The boat show holding in August invariably attracts a large number of tourists and local residents. In addition to events on the water, it is accompanied by speeches and seminars of very different topics.

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