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Reasons to Choose Specialized Recruiter over the Generic Agency

power recruitment agency

power recruitment agency

Choosing specialized recruiter over generic recruiter is similar to choosing quality over quantity. The generic recruiters will undoubtedly have a larger number of candidates in their database. But this does not mean, they will have a perfect fitting candidate for your needs. You want to hire candidates with specialized skills, so, it makes complete sense to hire them through the specialized staffing agency. Obviously, you’ll need logical reasons to accept the fact we are telling. So, here we have listed the top reasons. Read them and decide yourself whether you’ll go for the specialized recruiter or the generic ones.

Specialized recruiters have better professionals in their database – The generic recruiters do have a huge database as compared to the specialized ones. But, the candidates in the database of specialized recruiters are more focused professionals. The databases of generic recruiters are over-stacked with resumes of candidates who don’t even know what industry they will best fit in. On the other hand, only those candidates enroll with specialized recruiters who are motivated to work in a particular field. When you go to the power recruitment agency, you’ll find only those candidates who are sure that they belong to the energy sector, not the confused graduates wondering which industry will accept them.

A specialized recruiter knows the industry very well – Specialized recruiters focus only on one niche and so they are well-aware about that particular industry. Whereas, the generic recruiters are the jack of all trades; they deal in the varied industries and have the expertise of none. As the generic recruiters don’t have expertise in your field, they don’t know exactly which candidate would be fit for which role. Trial and error is the process of recruitment in a generic staffing agency. The specialized recruiting agencies know what to ask and how to filter the best candidate for any given post. Even if you don’t elaborate, they know what will be your expectation from a candidate.

A specialized recruiting agency gives faster result – When you are in need of an urgent recruitment, then, only a specialized agency can help you out. As discussed earlier, the specialized agencies have lists of specialized candidates. This means that even in hurry you’ll get a candidate who is passionate to work in your industry. Even when you need the recruiting agency to advertise the vacancy and conduct a fresh search, the specialized agency will serve you faster. When a vacancy is advertised by a specialized recruiter, only those candidates who are eligible and motivated to work in the industry will be applying for the job. General candidates have the tendency to apply for each and every job without reading the description when the vacancy is advertised by a generic head-hunter. This simple difference can have a great impact on the time and overall quality of the result.

Do you think you have any reasons for choosing a generic recruiting agency when you are looking for a specialized candidate? This one simple decision will impact the quality of employees working in your company and this will eventually affect your overall business performance. So, make the choice intelligently.

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