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Software Testing vs. Development: Which Is the Better Career Choice?

The Indian IT industry mostly comprises of service-based companies, which rely primarily on software development and software testing. Quality analysis and testing is very important for project deliveries. The software development team takes care of coding or developing the system and the software testing team ensures that the product or system is working as expected by thoroughly testing the system under various circumstances.

There will be two teams working together on a project right from the requirement gathering phase. These two teams, namely the development and the testing team, interact with each other to understand the business requirements. Every product, which has been developed by the software development team, needs to be tested and ensured it’s as per the business requirement before delivering it to the client. The testing would not be complete without the effort from the testing team. So, both software development and software testing jobs are equally in demand.

When a new project commences, both the software development and testing teams get involved right from the beginning. While the development of the software happens later, the testing team begins first with the analysis and verification of the requirement. It is rightly said that at times, the testing teams have a better understanding of the overall functionality and requirement of the software.

The software development team needs to be proficient with the requirements and the technology stack used in the project. However, the software testing team is required to have a mix of the software technology skills along with software automation and manual testing tools and scripting languages. It is a common myth that the software testing team does not need to write code. At times, the testing team writes even complex codes than the development team to test the software. Hence, both the software development and the testing team need to have programming knowledge.

When it comes to career growth and salary offered to the testing and development teams, there is hardly any difference and both are unique in their own terms. In terms of career growth, the development team member may grow in terms of a module lead, technical lead and become a project manager. The testing team member, on the other hand, would grow up his career graph to become a team lead, project manager and test architect. In terms of salary, though during the initial phases, the tester is paid slightly lower than a developer an experienced automated testing engineer can draw much higher salary than a developer with the same experience.

The driving point here is that both the development and the testing teams are equally important for successful project delivery and have similar growth experiences. It is therefore very important to analyse what is more passionate to you, and choose that career path. Be it development coding or testing, if you are not passionate about your job, you cannot succeed in your professional track.

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