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Skinsmarket and what skins give their owner


The standard coloring of machine guns, pistols and knives is boring. Moreover, with skins, the weapon looks more elegant. In theory, this gives only a cosmetic effect, but sometimes there are camouflage coloring, which theoretically can make the player a little less noticeable on some maps. And also there are skins in which the kill count is built in (after the sale is reset). Is it true that the purchased skin is gradually erased?

Skins wear out as they are used in matches, but they cannot completely disappear from a weapon (they will most likely become hardly noticeable). Depreciation seriously affects the price for sale at Skinsmarket. True, some players even like slightly shabby coloring – this gives authenticity.

Why are some skins valued above others? Almost all the skins that fall out of cases – this is the result of the creativity of players who know how to work with graphics. Before entering the game, they undergo a special selection, which determines the level of quality. The higher the candidate is evaluated, the more rarely he will fall (and hence, it can be sold more expensively).

How to make money on Skinsmarket?

There are four main ways: selling fallen skins, resale or exchange strangers and create your own. If a player has a rare or unnecessary custom coloring, he can put it up for bidding in the game itself or on the Skinsmarket. In the first case, the proceeds from the sale will remain in the Steam Wallet, and in the second they can be transferred to a bankcard, (this is completely legal).

When reselling the player will have to monitor the movement of prices on the market and buy lucrative offers, then to wait for increased demand and stay in positive territory. In addition, when exchanging, you can get rid of the heap of a cheap one, replacing it with one thing, but valuable. That is, the resale of skins in the last Counter-Strike is a kind of game on the stock exchange, and the exchange of skins is a kind of trading.

As for creating your own skins, you need to own Photoshop, have a sense of taste and some luck – then the work will be approved for addition to the game, and the creator will receive a percentage of the sale. Among CS: GO fans, there are even legends about artists that draw two skins per month and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a network shooter, and a network shooter requires a stable 60 frames per second so that success in the game depends only on your skills and reaction.

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