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Six Things You Should Never Do with Your Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best technological innovations that have happened to keep your premises clean is a vacuum cleaner. It is, without doubt, the best tidying tool that one can have and most of us are pretty dependent on it to clean up the mess at home. While it is quite a versatile appliance that can clean up a lot of things, there are few things that have to be done in a conventional manner. If you try to vacuum up these things, you will definitely be in a trouble.

Here are few things that you should never attempt with a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Hard Objects: Vacuum cleaner is not meant for picking up anything and everything that you don’t feel like to bend over and pick, be it a penny or a pebble. If you vacuum it, it can get stuck in places where it can damage the interior of the machine.
  2. Liquids: If you try to find information on vacuum cleaner online, you will find that there are dry and dry/wet vacuum cleaners. Regular or dry vacuum cleaners are not designed to suck up liquids and if you attempt to do so you will not only cause damage to the machine but also run the risk of getting electrocuted. If somehow your machine manages to not get ruined, then emptying the dust bag will definitely be a messy job.
  3. Running Overfilled Vacuum:Dust bags have a particular capacity to hold beyond which they need to be emptied. Not emptying them affects the performance of the machine adversely and there’s a risk of overheating and damaging the machine. The moment you feel that suction is not perfect check the dust bag.
  4. Glass: You broke a dish and there are large chunks of glass all over. Don’t be tempted to vacuum it as the big chunks of glass can tear the hose, rip the bag or can get stuck and scratch the interior. Use a broom and dustpan to pick it up and only the glass dust should be vacuumed.
  5. Cosmetics: If you spilled your body lotion on the carpet and are tempted to vacuum it off, just back off. It will just smear and melt inside your vacuum creating a bigger mess. If you are wondering how to clean up lotion from carpet, gently clean it up using a tissue and use a good stain remover to take care of the rest. The same is applicable for coffee grounds. If you use the vacuum to pick it up, the wet grounds can possibly clog the pipes or foster the growth of mildew or even mess up with the motor.
  6. Fireplace Ash: If you are thinking of cleaning up fireplace ash with your typical household vacuum, hold on. These particles are so fine that they will escape from the back of the cleaner and will be back into your home. A standard vacuum cleaner is not designed to suck these up. You should let the ashes cool first and then use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the area or else cover it with damp coffee ground and scoop it off.

Good quality vacuum cleaners like the ones from Kent are no doubt great devices to keep your home clean, but they too have their limitations and we need to keep that in mind. If we don’t, then we definitely will be inviting trouble.

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