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Select the Best Floor Buffers with Infographic

Choosing the best quality floor buffer is important. The main use of this machine is to clear the most important and hygienic area of the home. The kitchen and bathrooms are needed to maintain their quality and cleanliness. The floor buffers available in the market are ready to use for personal as well as commercial purpose. Once you decided to buy a one-floor buffer for yourself, it is important to know all about it. Many companies provide special feature floor buffers with the affordable price range. Here is some information to make your search easier.

Buying Consideration

There are many factors that affect your choice of buying a brand new floor buffer for you. The most important factor is how much area is needed to clean. Many times people don’t have open floor space. They can use normal vacuum cleaners. But when you have a big house or office with the large non-carpet area, it needed to clean with proper floor buffers from the market. There are different types and sizes of floor buffers available in the market. Know your need before finalizing the best floor buffer for home use.

Best 3 in Amazon US with pro and con customer reviews summary

Oreck Commercial ORB55OMC Floor Machine

It is useful for every type of floor. You can use it on a wooden floor or marble floor.


  • Suitable for deep cleaning of the floor
  • It is light-weight and easily movable from one place to other


  • It does not contain a multispeed option for cleaning
  • It has a very limited warranty

Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Floor Scrubber and Polisher

It is commonly used in the household to deep clean polished floors. The polished hard floors need cleaning with heavy duty machines.


  • It is extremely light-weight and easy to use
  • It is an ETL-certified machine which makes it more popular
  • It is very compact


  • Sometimes it is hard to remove tougher stains with this machine
  • It is weakly built

Bissell Spin- wave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner

It is specifically designed to clean the delicate floor in the home.


  • Easy and adjustable holding
  • One can use it every day


  • Sometimes the pads leave the marks on the clean floor
  • The whole machine vibrates if the pads are not properly aligned

This information will help you find the right floor buffer for your home or office use. Use the customer reviews and ask people who use these machines before buying.

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