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How to search for people on Facebook

With millions of people around the world who have already created their personal Facebook account, this social network has become the largest online directory of names in existence. This feature makes Facebook the ideal place to look for friends, contacts and other people who could become very special in your life.

The following tips will help you find people online using Facebook. You will also learn how to filter these results to make sure you have found the indicated profile. Use them to find your friends, distant relatives, people you’ve met, former schoolmates, ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends and even celebrities and celebrities.

Go to Facebook and see the home page, which contains the latest updates from your friends and contacts. In the upper area of this page you will see a search field next to the icon of a magnifying glass. From here you can make quick searches of people on Facebook.

In this search field type the name of the person you are looking for. Facebook will show you results -and updating them- as you complete the name. If you do not remember what that person is called, you can do a search by entering their email address or email.

For this example, imagine you are looking for a friend named “David Drinkwater”. If you consider that millions of users have already created an account on Facebook, it is likely that in your results you get more than one person with the same first and last name, as seen in the image.

If none of the results you see immediately corresponds to who you are looking for, click on the option See more results that appears at the end of this list. By doing this you will go to the page with filters, which is detailed below.

Filter the results and find who you are looking for

In this page you will see all the results that match that name, which you can filter with the options in the left column. As the image shows, the all results option is already selected. Thus it is possible to see between the results both profiles of people, identified by the button +1 add to my friends, as those corresponding to Pages on Facebook, which are distinguished by the Like button.

Use the options that are presented to you to find more easily who you are looking for. The People filter will give you results that correspond only to biographies on Facebook. Explore the other filters that this page shows you. They will help you find people more quickly what you are looking for, whether they are people or even other things. For example, the Pages option will only show you Pages on Facebook, which could be useful if what you want is to find the official page of a famous actor or singer. Remember also that Facebook is integrated with the Bing web search engine. If you click on that option, you will see the results that this search engine gives you doing a search on the Internet. This way you will not have to open another window in your browser or leave Facebook.

If you do not find that person, it could be that she has decided to exclude your profile from the search results. This means that he or she does have a profile on Facebook, but it is not possible to find it. Ask that person to add you as a friend so you can connect with her.

Another possible alternative that you should not rule out is that it could simply be that that person has not yet created their own Facebook profile. Perhaps she spends more time on another social network, such as Twitter or Instagram, to name a few examples of the most popular social networks that exist.
If this is the case, then send him an invitation to create his own biography on Facebook and be connected to you from the first minute.

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