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Relaxing Trampoline Chair for better Life

Trampoline chairs or commonly known as the banjo or bungee chairs offers the comfort of a chair with a feel of a trampoline. The bungee chair is made of series of cord connections same as that of a traditional trampoline and supported by metal or plastic legs like every other conventional chair. Unlike other chairs, these chairs look different and curious to interact. Unlike other chairs, the bungee chairs are weightless and save more space. Let’s take a look at some of the best and round trampoline chairs 2018 that people love:

The Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

The Bungee dish chair not only looks attractive but it is value for money too. The Bungee chair resembles like a flower which will appeal kids more.  The chair comes with powder coated steel supports. Worried about the rainy weather? No problem, the bungee chair comes with waterproof cords with high quality. The dish chair is suitable for outdoor fun like camping and bbq. The chairs weigh 10 pounds.

The 360 degrees Bungee Chair

The 360-degree chair might look like a traditional trampoline on one side, but it offers more comfort, unlike the others. You don’t have to worry about the cord marks on your clothes when you sit. The material used for this chair is microfiber and strong enough to withstand 225 pounds of weight.

The Heavy Duty Bungee Chair

Though it says heavy duty, it is made to be lightweight. The chair has nylon bungee cords to withstand the optimum amount of weight. It is easy to portable and suitable for any activity such as indoor and outdoor as well. The heavy-duty Bungee chair is suitable for both adults and kids as well. The heavy-duty bungee chair weighs around 8.25 pounds.

The REDCAP Folding Bungee Chair

The folding Bungee chair made by REDCAP comes in two color options such as pink & black and white & turquoise. The chair can withstand 250 pounds of weight. It also comes with a safety latch that is used to lock the chair when unfolded. The chair is made of 600D polyester stretch cords. The powder-coated steel legs offer better support and compatibility as well.  The weight of the folding chair is 13 pounds.

The Impact Canopies Blue Round Chair

The Blue round chair comes with six different colors. Each color comes at a different cost. These chairs can hold up to 225 pounds of weight. The 600D fabric cords offer more strength. These chairs are better suitable for watching movies, reading books and much more. The whole chair weighs around 8 pounds.

Giants Folding Round Bungee Chair

The Folding Round Bungee chair by Giants is easily foldable and lightweight as well. The chair comes with an attractive camouflage pattern and also in plain colors as well. The chair can hold up to 264 pounds of weight. The steel frame gives maximum strength and stability as well.

Impact Canopy Bungee Chair

The Bungee chair by Impact Canopy is available in navy blue, yellow, grey and black. It also comes in camouflage pattern as well. The Impact Canopy Bungee Chair looks stylish and offers comfort as well. The chair is made with 600D fabric cords that support 264 pounds and has steel legs. The overall chair weighs around 7.7 pounds.

The Hello Kitty Web Chair

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Web chair comes with pink in color with a kitty design on its seat. The kids will love this chair. The overall chair weighs 5 pounds only so that your youngest member can take it where ever she wanted. The chair is easy to store and lightweight to carry.

Marvel’s Spiderman Web Chair

When the Hello Kitty Web Chair doesn’t satisfy the kids, the Marvel’s Spiderman chair will be fun. The Spiderman chair comes with canvas stitching of logo for your little superhero. The chair weighs around 7.7 pounds.

The Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair by Zenith

The Bunjo Bungee dish chair by Zenith Limited comes with a polyester rim that is made lightweight and easily portable as well. The chair comes with the very attractive teal color which will satisfy both the young generation kids and adults. The entire chair weighs about 7.7 pounds.

Indoor/Outdoor Bungee Chair

The Pearington Sports Bungee chair is a nice looking hexagonal shaped trampoline chair which comes with a comfortable and flexible seat cord design. This chair is easily portable with 10.6 pounds of overall weight and strong enough to withstand 250 pounds of load. Best suited for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc.

Blue Dot Super-Bungee Chair

The Super Bungee chair by Blue Dot comes with a pear-shaped design that provides better room for the bottom and also supports your head too. The chair comes with the added feature of a pocket that can hold a smartphone or a TV remote. The chair can withstand 225 pounds of weight.

The trampoline chairs offer comfort for those who have back pains. Also, this kind of chairs is suitable for watching a movie or reading a book for more than an hour. Sitting and getting up in this chair is not even a hectic task for elders, you can bounce a little to spring back from the Bungee chair.

The Bungee chair comes with appealing colors and cord patterns that are built to suit your need and comfort. Those who give importance to appearance, the bungee chairs scores again. These chairs best suit your décor unlike all the other chairs not.

The drawback of these bungee chairs is a variable cost. The cost of a bungee chair is high compared to that of an ordinary chair. But the cost is compromised in comfort and lightweight materials.

Choosing the right Bungee chair is very important to suit your needs. If you are a person who heads out frequently, go for a waterproof fabric cord. It is best suited if you buy a bungee chair with a nylon fabric cord to fit your needs. Even though it comes waterproof, it is advised to keep the chairs out of the weather for sustainable lifespan.

If you camp or hike frequently as much, you are suggested to go for a camouflage pattern chair as it can blend with the bushes and the surroundings. For office purposes, do choose the right one as it may affect the aura of the office atmosphere.

When you buy a trampoline chair, make sure you are buying it from an authorized manufacturer. This is to ensure that the product you buy is sustainable and is under warranty.

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