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The relationship between HGH and anti-aging

anti-aging therapy

anti-aging therapy

Who in this world does not want to live a long healthy life? No one with a sane mind will choose to lose the vitality and vigour that accompanies a youthful life. Growing old is not easy. From our appearance to physical and mental capacity, everything begins to fade away as we progress into old age. With everyone wanting to sustain a youthful life, the growth of anti-ageing industry is not a surprise.

In fact, it is a multibillion-dollar industry still finding room to grow and thrive. While there are several anti-aging products advertised in the market, HGH is being touted as the new solution to ageing and associated hardships. Hence it is revolving as a successful anti-aging therapy in the market. But before resorting to a decision to go for HGH administration to revive the attributes of a youthful life, it is better to know more about the efficacy of such treatments.

What is HGH and why is it used for anti-aging purposes?

HGH is the short form of Human Growth Hormone, which regulates the growth of human body. It is produced in the anterior part of pituitary gland, a pea sized gland, in the human brain. It is produced by endocrine reaction and is transported all through the body after it enters the bloodstream. When it comes in contact with tissues, it triggers reactions that intermediate growth. Although the level of HGH does not vary depending on the time of the day, it does vary drastically due to age, gender, health status, level of activity etc. Lowest amounts of HGH are found during child birth, infancy and old age while there is spurt in the level of HGH during puberty and adolescence. It is the reason for fast developments in body parts during adolescence after which developments gradually stop due to reduction HGH production. This is precisely the reason for considering HGH for anti-aging therapy in a view that administering HGH in healthy adults may reverse aging and bring the body to its youthful glory.

Effect of administered HGH on human body:

HGH is found in many prescriptive medicines and is given to children and adults having HGH deficiency.

Such treatments have shown improvements in the patients such as,

  • Increased bone density
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased retaining capacity of muscles.

However there is no corroborated evidence that provides conclusive details about the positive and negative effects of HGH on human body. One study claimed that administering HGH to men older than 60 led to them developing muscle mass and losing body fat which is opposite of what happens during old age. But experts caution against using HGH for non-medical purposes and tell that it can cause side effects ranging anywhere from itching, irritation of skin to cancer. From what is available from research, the risks associated with adopting HGH for anti-aging outweigh the perks of the same. Hence anyone signing up for a therapy has to do so under one’s own discretion.

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