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Record Tech Training Video Into DVD With Movavi Video Suite

Have you just recorded a training video for your IT trainees? That’s great and now it’s time to share the video with all of them. Why not record the whole video into DVD so that your trainees can carry it back home and watch it after office? Now, that’s certainly a grand idea and Movavi Video Suite will help you here. Developed by leading software developer Movavi, the video suite is an all-in-one program that can edit videos, capture videos and even burn dvd. Don’t worry, burning your video into DVD is no burden. In fact, the program is extremely simple to use and can be operated by anyone with basic computing skills.

Below is a glimpse on how you can record your video into DVD with the help of the Movavi program.

Download & install

First, you will download the Movavi Video Suite and install it in your computer.

Add your video

Click on Data tab & choose Burn disc. Movavi Video Suite comes with free DVD burner. In case, you haven’t installed the burner application, install it now. After installation, click on Burn Disc.

A window will open up. Look for Video tab and click on it. Hit the tab located on lower left part & look for files that you plan to record to DVD. Movavi DVD burner is backed by high end enginering and is able to read & write all kinds of discs.

Set the Disc parameters

Now, it’s time to add disc parameters.

But, first, you will designate a name for the disc in top right side of program window. Then, go to Mode and select disc type. You will have 3 DVD preferences to choose from- DVD, AVCHD DVD and VIDEO_TS to DVD. In most of the cases, DVD is the chosen option as it is compatible for any kind of media player.

Then, go to Options section and choose between PAL or NTSC. Set Quality preset and sefine Aspect ratio. Also don’t forget to specify disc type.

Burn your DVD

Insert your DVD disc in the DVD drive of your system. Click on Burn Disc. Select drive name, set writing speed & click on Next. In just two minutes, you will have your DVD ready with your IT training video.

Features of Movavi Video Suite

  • Ability to edit videos, create stunning slideshows and improve overall quality of video
  • Able to record streaming videos online and record screencasts
  • Able to play back audio and video files
  • Able to burn discs
  • Able to convert video into any format and share video online

Useful tips for users:

  • If you need a high end visual display with powerful sound and image quality, choose AVCHD DVD. This format is especially handy for HD visuals.
  • In case you have to copy the content of an existent DVD into a new DVD, go for VIDEO_TS to DVD.

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