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Reasons to have Bi-fold Doors

Have you ever come across the latest trend of bi-fold doors which is being seen in homes and commercial buildings alike? It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that these doors are all rage and for the right reasons. They give you the desired privacy when you need it while keeping the room all lit up and sunny when you are in the mood for enjoying some morning sun. But are these the only reasons that have people running after these sliding doors? Let us find that out.

It is all about the looks

The biggest advantage of French doors is that they have a very heavy profile to them.Even the same case is observed with the traditional doors we have for our patios. They both bring the whole look of the room down and don’t add much to its aura. The bi-fold doors, on the other hand, are slimmer and help bring the whole room alive. The customers are in love with the simple yet sleek look they have to offer. From acting like slim glass windows, they work like sliding doors that you can always let open to allow for a clearer view of the garden beyond.

Easy to maintain

Wouldn’t it just be a drag to have doors that look amazing but are a pain to maintain and clean? This is not the case with bi-fold doors. These doors do not require much,to begin with except for a usual washing with a soft cloth once in a while. To keep the shine intact, you can also rub on a bit of oil now and then.


They might look slim and made of glass, but this doesn’t affect their durability at all.  The aluminum lining ensures that no matter what the weather conditions are outside, the door is not affected by it at all. Moreover, they neither get corroded nor do they swell up and split.


It is like a window and a door at the same time. The glass panels allow for the easy access to light to give the whole room a light airy feel. In case you have a gathering outside or want to enjoy some breeze, simply slide open the door open for a more spacious feel.

Contemporary design

These doors might be all about the latest modern technology and designs but this doesn’t mean that these doors do not work well in older buildings. They bi-fold doors look as good in a modern age home as they do in homes that age back decades.


When you are getting such a clear view, you can simply sit back and enjoy some time while keeping a lookout on the outside. This allows you to stay more aware of your surroundings.

To know more about the bi-folding doors, get in touch with you. We will give you a more detailed information on the Debar hardware and technology needed to give you the bi-fold doors that would last for years to come.

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