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Public Transport vs. Car Rental in Dubai: Pros and Cons

“Why should I rent a car, if there are public transport and taxis?” – asks almost every tourist coming to Dubai. And the answer is – to save time and feel comfortable. Whether you are in your city or somewhere abroad, car rental in Dubai is such a useful service.

Transport in Dubai is represented mainly by land vehicles. The easiest way to carry out traffic in Dubai is with the help of buses and taxis. But the tourist has the opportunity to rent a car and provide himself with relative freedom of movement.

You needn’t to apply for rental companies, if you are not going to visit different parts of the city for one day. Nevertheless, when it’s important to be mobile, the service is more than justified.

In Dubai there are quite modern, equipped with air-conditioning buses, used mainly by coming workers in the UAE. The price is about 2 dirhams.

In addition, in Dubai, as well as in every popular tourist center, special double-decker buses hop-on hop-off run. With the help of these tours, it is easy and very convenient to get acquainted with the main sights of Dubai, going off and entering the bus at special stops. Tours are both day and night. Tickets for the day tour can be of two types: for 24 hours (61.20$ for adults, 24.30 for children, 146.20 for family tickets) and for 48 hours (72 $ for adults, 31.50 for children, 176. 40 – family ticket).

You can use public transport. It is cheaper than rent a car in Dubai, but has its disadvantages: first, you need to wait for so long; secondly, sometimes a change is required; in third place is that there is not always a successful route, and finally – slow movement.

If you decided to choose a taxi, it will be more expensive instead of public buses. Here, it is obligatory to pay for landing, downtime (from 5 minutes) and mileage.

Speaking in general, to move on public transport and taxi in the unknown city is inconvenient. Especially if it is a resort town. Buses are overcrowded, and taxi drivers “from the curb” ask for fabulous money.

If you are planning a trip on an excursion or just want to relax, after spending time in a new city, take the car in rental services. It is especially relevant for tourists with children. It is unlikely that a journey will be pleasant and cheerful, during which one will have to rush around the city in search of a stop for public transport.

Car rental comparing with taxis is paid daily, regardless of the distance that the car will pass in a day. Besides, you are not tied to the timetable of urban transport. Moreover, you must not wait until the taxi arrives.

The service of renting a car without a driver will be cheaper. In the Internet, study the map of the city that you plan to visit, and in advance plan the route. Such a trip will be comfortable and exciting.

If you still took a car, then we strongly advise you to follow the rules! Remember, that you must be more than 21 years old for hiring a simple car, and more than 25 years for taking luxury cars. To do this, you need a passport, a plastic card and an international driver’s license. You can choose the car you wish among the variety of models. Really, the average cost for A, B or C class rental car is 30-35 dollars a day. Choose the best way of movement!

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