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Problem of sexual impotence

The problem of sexual impotence has recently become an increasing concern for the stronger sexes who have not reached the age of 40, while a few decades ago, erectile dysfunction was observed in men over 60 – 65 years of age. The reason for such failures in the body is ofte

  • sedentary lifestyle, overweight;
  • chronic fatigue and regular sleep deprivation;
  • presence of various diseases (cardiovascular, genitourinary, neurological, diabetes mellitus, etc.)
  • hormonal failures in the body;
  • abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs;
  • constant stress at work and at home, and many other reasons.

If you couldn’t start or finish the sexual intercourse after a difficult day, but it was an isolated case, you should rest well to restore your strength. But if failures occur regularly and every fourth sexual act ends in failure, measures should be taken. Do not hesitate to treat and leave everything behind, as it is, hoping that the problem will disappear by itself. This can lead to even worse consequences. Sexual impotence speaks about health problems, has a negative impact on the psychological and emotional state of men, while regular sex brings not only pleasure to both partners, but also improves the mood, increases the overall tone, has a beneficial effect on the health of the whole body.

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