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Printing & Publishing is one such industry has seen a stable growth over the past couple of decades where it constantly learning the consumer need and by evolving the technology. The long-term survival of the industry depends solely on the ever-changing business model and the ability to innovate major products.

Printing has been and will continue to be one of the most basic business processes which revolutionized the world with numerous printing technologies. Customers have been getting used to latest technology gadgets with respect to their convenience.


Print markets with the availability of numerous types of printing varieties like the Digital Printing, Offset Lithography, Embossing, Flexography, and others. 3D printing is another technology rose to fame by printing objects like human organs, cars, and many others.

Offset printing being the standard printing process which has been in operation since 1903. This traditional mechanism of printing has offered benefits like high volume printings, cost effective methods, flexibility, etc. Even though they offer attractive features, the consumer always been willing to find the updated and trendy technology like 3D printing with the updated mechanisms.


Printing & Publishing industry brings endless possibilities to solve problems which will benefit billions across the world. For example, Solar-powered printing has benefited many developing countries in education sectors in particular and in several others. Currently, digital printing is the highly trending in all forms of available printing mechanisms.

Offset printing closely follows Digital printing growth by contributing to its high percentage of printing market share. Digital printing has been estimated to print 1.2 trillion color pages globally by 2021. It is clearly evident that the growth of digital printing is expected to increase by another 25 percent compared to last year data.

Already few printing machines consist of features of like auto printing and binding without human intervention. Incorporating more and more automation process towards printing will boost the growth margin of the industry to a new level.

Lately, Automatic Document Feeders and Automatic Duplexing processes became common in printers with increased productivity. There were companies which still make use of the offset printing and gently working on the system upgrade to Digital printing.


Considering the advancements of printing high-end objects like the human organs, cars and others will definitely satisfy consumer requirements. Digital printing without any exaggeration clearly overtakes the Offset printing in the market.

Major printing and binding services companies especially printing in Sivakasi are highly on-demand for their services during specific seasons of the year. Experts suggest that Offset technology ranks higher by being the most efficient and cost effective printing solutions whereas digital printing overcomes it by the quality and in other areas.

The future of printing & publishing set to cross over many barriers and will stand out in the technological improvements. Working with the goal set towards the improvements of ‘Print as a Process’, ‘Print as a communication medium”, “Business Model”, “Trade Associations” and others will benefit the industry as well as the consumer.

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