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For Business and Leisure ­– Mysore is Best Experienced with Self-Drive

The Bangalore to Mysore taxi fare can be quite an exorbitant fee to pay, considering it is just a point A to point B transport solution. It also does not offer the flexibility that self-driving does. Much to the advantage of travelers who love their long drives, car rentals are making a splash in the segment with affordable end-to-end solutions. The advantage of choosing a self-drive rented car to cover the distance from Bangalore to Mysore is not just about the costs, but also grants travelers their much-needed privacy.

Choosing a car rental to cover the distance of 150 km along the NH275 between Bangalore and Mysore, allows for more flexibility in schedule, leading to interesting detours to explore.

Sight-seeing options

Group travel is more fun when done by car, rather than by bus or chauffeured cab. Car rentals give people the complete road-trip experience like any car owner would experience. Some of the great sites to see around Mysore include the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, a haven for nature lovers featuring boat rides and sightings of exotic birds. Srirangapatna is one of the most historic sites in South India, housing the fort of Tipu Sultan and also known as the spot where he fell in battle. The Brindavan Gardens are a pinnacle of landscaping that includes unique topiary works, Italian-style gazebos, and musical fountains.

Mysore city’s skyline is dominated by the splendour of the Mysore Palace, a fitting tribute to workmanship and building aesthetics by the Wadiyars, the patron family of the city. The Mysore Zoo is another famous attraction in the city. Some of the non-endemic species one can encounter in this sprawling complex include anacondas, giraffes, African lions, baboons and tigers. Part of the Zoo complex makes for the Karanji Lake, a habitat for many birds. St. Philomena’s Cathedral has enamored visitors, who are enthralled by its neo-Gothic style and twin spires. When in Mysore, a visit to the Chamundi Hills is recommended. A pleasant drive up the hilly forested roads leads to panoramic views at the summit, and to the site of a very important temple.

Business trips

Mysore is also an important economic centre of South India, hosting offices for some of the biggest companies in the country. Business travellers crave efficiency since time is an important resource. Depending on local transport or cabs in Mysore increases the wait time. The smart traveler is choosing the self-drive car rental as an all-round solution for Mysore, from the important meetings to the site visits.

Modern car rentals like Zoomcar are offering app-based booking and 24/7 on-road support, providing features of convenience and security to a self-drive trip. The freedom to choose detours and routes while driving a rented car is unmatched by regular transport modes. The Sandalwood City offers the curious traveler a myriad of attractions and experiences. It would be an injustice to not explore Mysore on one’s own terms. With a swanky rented car and an adventurous mindset, a memorable trip awaits.

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