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Must-Take Short Weekend Breaks in UK

We are fond of beaches, aren’t we? And that’s precisely why we are here. Having said that, visiting one might be a routine affair for most of us and at times, how we wish that they aren’t crowded the way they are. Wouldn’t it be great to go away from the crowds and spend your perfect day at the beach without having to worry about the sunbathers and worshippers?

We have compiled a list of some of the off-beaten beaches of the UK. Now you can start planning to witness some of the most spectacular coastal views, landscapes and plenty of space for your perfect sandy getaway amidst peace and tranquility.

Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight:

This charming beach is located south of Ventnor, on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight. Since this is a very secluded beach, you don’t have road access to it and thus can only be reached by foot. There is nothing to panic since you can take the coastal path from Ventnor to reach the beach and enjoy the journey sans any traffic noise or shops bombarding you with souvenirs. The bay here is peaceful and is lined with a few beach huts and cottage gardens with a hint of the Mediterranean style. The sand has been washed away by winter storms but the beach continues to be its charming self with a mix of shingles and sand.

Don’t forget to gorge on some amazing crab sandwiches and lobsters when you visit this beach.

Chapel Porth, Cornwall:

The beach at Chapel Porth is easily accessible by road. But if you prefer sometime away from the hustle bustle of the traffic then we recommend taking the coastal path from St Agnes to the north and walking a few miles, then you come across a bay which is flanked by cliffs. The bay is guarded during summers, so you don’t have to worry about safety. You can plan a family getaway here and relish the delicacies of the Porth Chapel café. The café lures many for its popular Hedgehog cone with an exotic combination of vanilla ice cream and caramelized hazelnuts.

Just to the south is Porthtowan which has a wide selection of luxury cabins and cottages to make your stay comfortable.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall:

If you intend to visit the Lizard Point, you cannot afford to miss the Kynance Cove. Though it’s beginning to lure tourists but most of them miss the sign that points to this spectacular coastal stretch. Located on the south coast of Cornwall, this white sand beach is gorgeous and has everything that constitutes a breathtaking landscape; arches, caves, cliffs and so much more.

You can head to the Bedruthan Steps if you happen to be on the north coast. There is yet another secluded corner, Diggory’s Island Sand and if you are lucky enough to have visited the beach during low tide, you can head to this way to witness the icy blue lagoons and turquoise tones of the sea.

Sands of Morar, Scotland:

The jaw-dropping Silver Sands of Morar are quite secluded and were featured in the popular 1983 flick, the Local Hero. There’s a secret Achaidh Mhoir beach which is mostly deserted. To reach this place, you don’t have to walk miles or take the road; instead this can be reached by train. Once you reach the station, you are greeted by pure white sands. The contrasting tones of the sands and the sea are perfect for camping or a romantic getaway.

Man O’War Beach, Dorset:

This beach is perfect if you are looking for a nice swimming spot away from the crowd. The beach has that ‘whoa’ factor which any famous crowd-pulling British beach has; thanks to its appealing limestone lined arches and the spectacular views. Take a dip in its clean and shallow waters and you will know why this beach is a part of this list.

Now that you know the best deserted beaches of UK, plan your getaway and pack your bags. You can shop sexy swimwear and swimsuits with discount offers from well known online retailer which features some glamorous bikinis, monokinis and swimsuits that can make heads turn.

So ditch the hordes for these heavenly spots.

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