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Mushroom dosage determines the intensity of the trip

Magic mushrooms contain an active psychedelic substance called psilocybin. The intensity of the trip depends on the species of the magic mushroom as well as where it comes from and how it was handled. The Thai P. cubensis mushrooms are stronger and can result in intense highs. The mushrooms found on the Gulf Coast produce a “mellower” high. The psilocybin content present in the mushrooms tends to deteriorate when they are dried. People generally ingest more dried mushrooms to compensate for this.

The trips of magic mushrooms always vary from individual to individual and from mushroom to mushroom. Initiates can start with about a gram of dried shrooms that works out to about one mushroom. The new user is advised to wait for an hour or so to ascertain the effect of the trip, and if the desired intensity is not reached, you can take some more.

How should you ingest mushrooms safely?

The most common way to take a dose of magic mushrooms is to chew on the dried or fresh variety to start your journey. They often have a heavy and floury flavor which most people find highly unpalatable. Some have been reported to be sour or bitter. Try adding other flavors like fresh strawberries, peanut butter or chocolate to change the taste. It has been taken as a smoothie, chilly, tea or even smothered in maple syrup. The cooked shrooms loses some of its potency, so do remember to compensate in the dose. But, perversely the broken down psilocybin works faster than the chewed shrooms.

Alcohol and shrooms are often used together.  Some people like to soak the mushrooms overnight in rum or tequila. The resultant liquid is used in mixed drinks. The dried mushrooms are sometimes ground and put in gelatin capsules to make mushroom pills.

Most people buy magic mushrooms kits online. Picking the wild shrooms is an option where they grow in abundance. However, some innovative magic mushroom lovers grow their own shrooms at home. With a bit of research and small efforts, it is possible to get these shrooms growing in one’s garden or verandah in no time.  If you have been looking towards similar user experiences, then you may want to get in touch with a reputed seller of magic mushrooms online. Once you have the kit in place, you can be assured of getting the best ever mushrooms in just about no time. All that you need to know is the right intensity of the trip so that you do not end up spoiling your experiences. So, are you ready for the magic?


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