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Most Strands of White South Sea Pearls are the Pearls Preferred

White South Sea pearls are the pearls most often used for pearl strands or necklaces. These gem jewellery are mostly made with the white South Sea pearls. Many online websites currently are having sales to bring in holiday customers.

Pearl Collar – 12 to 13 inches 

These collars are usually made from up to three or more strands and lie quite snugly around the middle of the neck. These jewelry pieces are ideal to complement:

  • Boat Neck
  • V-neck
  • Off the shoulder fashions 

Pearl Choker – 14 to 16 inches 

These pearl chokers are versatile and classic piece can be used with every fashion from formal evening wear to casual and complement every neckline. They are the best length to add elegance to workday paired with a shirt that is button-down, and yet looks great with cocktail attire.

Princess Necklace – 17 to 19 inches 

This is the most common length for necklaces and is suited for wear with high necklines or crew necklines. It also looks great with necklines that are plunging. Since strands of 18 inches is often referred to as the length for the classic pearl necklace it is often the best choice if a person is not quite certain which length to get.

Opera Necklace – 26 to 36 inches 

This length of pearl strand offers many options that are attractive. It can be worn as a strand single with high necklines or doubled creating a style 2 strand choker. At the neckline it can also be knotted or above the bust-line in order to create that vintage and popular look for a fashion trend. These opera necklaces are traditionally worn for evening wear but can also be used with casual attire for a fresh fashion statement.

For further information on South Sea white pearl strands go to They also have information about the various necklace strands fashion-wise.

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