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Mistakes to Avoid on the Day of the Move

Time management, planning,and researching are vital if you want your moving day to be successful.It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of things people need to get done before the big move date such as packing all your belongings in boxes, organizing and getting rid of things you don’t need, hiring a professional mover or renting a van from trustworthy companies such as Self Move Hire, and many more.

Aside from all the important stuff that you have to do, there are also mistakes to avoid during the day of the move to make it more successful.

  • Neglecting Safety

Back injuries are one of the most accidents that can occur during a move. Packing items in boxes require a substantial amount of lifting. Use proper lifting techniques to minimize the risk of a back injury.

Wear proper footwear andclothes, apply sunscreen, have water bottles ready to avoid dehydration and secure cords,so you don’t trip over them and cause injuries. If you hired movers, stay out of their way and let the professionals do the loading. If you are moving out on your own, have the proper vehicle to carry your items or consider a UTE hire from Go With The Gecko, to make sure your belonging are safe and secure. If you have small children and pets, arranging for a baby sitter and creating your pets is very important to avoid hazards.

  • Intense Last-Minute Packing

It is normal to find a few items that might have escaped your initial packing but don’t leave serious packing for moving day because it will lead to disaster.Using the help of professional packers is best, but if you are running in a tight budget, you can also use sturdy boxes and professional packing materials to help minimize damage to your household goods. Try researching how to pack heavy items and pack at least a few days before the actual move.

  • Staying Up Too Late The Night Before

Moving is a big endeavor and getting enough sleep the night before will make you better-equipped to handle it. The chances of forgetting something or making mistakes is higher if your body is unable to function at its best because of fatigue. Use your time wisely to avoid having to stay awake late and pushing your body to the limit.

  • Being Rude To Your Movers Or Helpers

You can’t expect everything to go perfectly smooth during the move. Regardless of how well you planned and how hard everyone tries, there could be things that are out of everyone’s control. Be patient and be considerate of everyone else around you, especiallywith movers, to minimize unnecessary stress. Offer them water, speak respectfully to them, and remember that they are also human beings who are helping you pull off a major life transition.If the professional movers you have hired worked hard for you, show your appreciation by tipping them appropriately. I addition, plan for refreshments and snacks if you have friends and family, who showed up to help.

  • Staying stressed

The way you look at things and react to situations makes all the difference. If you start the day stressed, the tone will likely be set for the rest of the day. Be prepared, but also be ready to embrace any challenges and stay flexible. Do your best to keep a motivated attitude.

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Final Word

Starting life in a new home is never easy. Remember these mistakes to avoid to make your move more successful and less stressful for everyone.

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