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Methods to Unlock Sony Phones

Sim unlock Sony

If you are in search for the service to unlock your phone, then the right place to go is the Sim Unlock Phone. The company uses the IMEI number of the Sony phones or any other phone to unlock it. The process is risk-free and not complicated at all. With the easy unlocking service, you don’t have to worry about the roaming charges in another country. One has to send over the Sony phone’s IMEI number to the Sim Unlock Phone, and after receiving the email, the customers have to follow the steps in the email. Here is the detailed process of the Sim unlock Sony phones of any model by the best unlocking company “Sim Unlock Phone.”

IMEI Number of Sony Phone

The first step and the important thing is to know your phone’s IMEI number. The number is on the package box that comes with the phone. But don’t worry if you happen not to find the number, you can check it by dialing *#06# on your phone. Getting IMEI is the first steps to Sim unlock Sony phones. The number that comes on your mobile’s screen is the IMEI number of your phone after dialing the number.

Choose the carrier

The second step is the placement of your order for the sim unlocking. The customer has to send over the type of carrier they are using in their Sony phone which they want to unlock. And the customers need to send the information on their Sony Phone’s carrier or the SIM.

Unlocking code

The customers have to complete the payment for the further services to take place. After the customers have made the payment to the company, the team of the Sim Unlock Phone will send an unlocking code to the email of the client identity. The customers will be able to unlock their Sony phones with this unlocking code only.

Time for new SIM card

The only remaining step in the process of unlocking your phone is the insertion of the new SIM card. With the unlocking code received by the customers, the clients will just have to swap the SIM card. While the customers exchange and insert the new one the Sony phone will ask for the unlocking code and the customer just has to fill in the unlocking code sent by the team of the Sim Unlock Phone. And the swapping of the SIM cards finishes the process of the unlocking the Sony phone. The unlocking is very easy, simple, and does not have any risk involved with the service from Sim Unlock Phone.

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