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A Lawyer Should Focus On Your Best Interests

The complicated emotional issues surrounding a divorce case often cloud what “best interests” are. For example, you will likely side with your spouse on some issues that your lawyer does not agree with. That’s because you have an emotional attachment to your spouse that the law does not abide by. It’s your lawyer’s job to aggressively pursue what’s in YOUR best interests and the best interests of your children, even if those interests are against those of your opposing spouse.

Divorces are complicated and messy for a reason. Over a short or frequently long period of time, people gain not just physical assets and property together, but strong emotional bonds. It’s difficult to sever those bonds and to see what’s best for yourself and your children in the long run, not just the present day when the divorce is in progress. Many spouses make the mistake of assuming that they’re going to be okay after a divorce from a spouse they were dependent on. They think it’s their responsibility to just walk away and make a life for themselves, even though in many cases alimony is needed and even recommended by an attorney (such as Goldstein Law Offices).

What do you do? The golden rule is to always listen to your divorce attorney. They are the ones with legal expertise. They are the ones who have seen situations like yours time and time again. They know when a client qualifies for alimony. They know when alimony might be the best thing to ask for. Just because you have a strong attachment to a spouse and you may even be civil and loving during the divorce doesn’t mean that things won’t change later on down the road. That’s why your attorney is there. He’s there to look at the bigger picture and make sure that you ask for everything you’re entitled to.

Don’t let your emotion cloud your long-term vision during your divorce. When you hire an attorney, know that everything they ask you to do and everything they ask on your behalf is for YOUR good. They don’t represent the other side. They represent YOUR side and your best interests. No matter how difficult it sometimes will be, listen to their advice and heed it. You’ll be very thankful that you did once the divorce is finalized and you’re on your own again.

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