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Know about the Anadrol dosages recommended for bodybuilding!!!

Anadrol dosages

Anadrol is among the most popular anabolic steroids available in the United States. Its chemical name is the Oxymetholone. Some of the athletes felt frightened with the intake of Anadrol, as it is toxic to the liver. Also, it causes a number of side effects and is the best, as it is no longer manufactured in the country. This is useful for promoting the muscle strength and gains. This is a steroid with a number of alternative supplements available in the market and these supplements are purely legal.

The Anadrol has the ability to put on weight and this works as an aid for making treatment of wasting diseases like AIDS. Several studies have been conducted and it is considered safe to take Anadrol capsules and make treatment of these diseases. This steroid is very popular among the athletes and bodybuilders. The Anadrol is now being manufactured with different brand names. The appropriate dosages recommended for bodybuilding  is 25 mg to 50 mg in a day. The Anadrol fails to convert into estrogen.

IT has been seen that there are different views about the dosage recommendations on the bodybuilding websites or the forums. The individuals are supposed to get the right information, as it is considered as the first step of the journey of gaining muscle gains. Most of the people start with the dosage of 50mg in a day. This steroid is available in the strength of 50mg, but it does not mean that it is an adequate dosage. Some of the users have experienced best results on taking a minimum dosage of 25mg in a day. This is why; most of the users are suggested to start with the lowest possible dosage.

The users can observe the results after taking the minimum dosage and continue with the same dosage or can gradually increase it to 50mg. The intake of Anadrol has a number of benefits and some of them are listed below:

  • These pills are very good and effective for beginning a bulking cycle.
  • These pills are very fast acting and sometimes, the users may start experiencing noticeable results within the first week of its usage.
  • It is helpful in retention of nitrogen in the cells
  • Helps in enhancing the synthesis of protein
  • This enables the users to gain 20 to 30 pounds in the first cycle.
  • This is helpful in improving the production of the red blood cells.
  • This helps in reducing joint pains
  • This has low androgenic binding features. This is because; it is considered well for getting stacked with other steroids like Tren, Deca, etc.

The users can buy Anadrol online as well and take it responsibly, so as to obtain the best results. The users are suggested to know more about the steroid and know its effects before starting the cycle. The best dosage recommended for bodybuilding is 50 mg a day, but it can go up to 100mg in a day. Most of the bodybuilders can take 100mg a day and can experience best results.

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