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Important Facts About AU Car Import Reforms In 2018

You might have never even been in a situation that you have to import your vehicle from one country to the other, but if you have, there are some things that you need to know. First of all, before we get down to the point, you should know that there are many great companies that will help you with car importing, and if you need any help finding them, you can give a go.

Laws about car importing are changing

For the first time since 2000, the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 is going to be updated and reviewed. A lot has changed in those 17 years, and the new updates are going to bring the importing up to date to today’s standards and the modern world by getting rid of the unnecessary legislation as it properly addresses the fact that vehicles are quite different than they were 20 years ago.

What do these changes mean to us?

Back in 2016, the Australian government has already announced these laws, and they are expected to take effect in 2018:

– Cars from selected right-hand drive countries will be allowed to be imported to Australia if they meet the given standards.

– You will be able to access different classic, luxury, specialist and enthusiast cards.

– The process alone will be much easier and quicker when it comes to importing a vehicle through the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme as the quality of the imported vehicles will be raised.

– There is going to be a simple process for the vehicles that do not meet standards.

– New mainstream cars and improved supplies.

– In the event of the recall of the vehicle, there will l be a clarified supplier responsibility.

However, since importing and exporting will still be a similar complicated process for those who are doing it for the first time, you should probably ask for advice and help, of course. You can always check out how the importing vehicles to Australia with Dazmac Logistics works, and what you need to know before your car is eligible to be imported into another country.

A lot of paperwork goes into importing a car

Access to new vehicles

These new laws are great news for the car enthusiasts; it will be much easier to reach the vehicles from other countries and purchase them and import them from overseas:

– Once every two years, from 2018, you will be allowed to import a new car or a motorcycle.

– For this to happen, however, the vehicle’s country’s standards need to be compatible with Australia’s standards., which means that the vehicle should not be over 12 months old and it needs to have less or equal to 500km on its odometer. Cars also need to be right-hand drive.

Rare and special cars

You will now be able to import a wide range of different cars, as long as they meet the standards. This means, that you can also get them fixed, so they are eligible to be imported into Australia, which is great news for all those who have a dream car from another country!

Final word

The only countries that have been tested and that meet the Australian importing standards so far are Japan and the UK, so if, by any chance, your dream car comes from one of these two countries to you are moving from these two countries to Australia; well, you have some good news right there. Make sure that you look more into this, before trying to import a car to AU.

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