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Human Growth Hormone – Uses and Legality

listed as a prescription-only drug

Human Growth Hormone is one of many produced by the body and its role is an important one. Metabolism, growth and even sexual function are regulated by this key hormone and used by every cell. HGH helps in the growth of muscle and bone. It boosts the ability of cells to repair themselves and subcutaneous fat break down faster. It is manufactured by the pituitary gland and high amounts are made during adolescence. HGH levels drop fast after adolescence and HGH supplements are used to boost levels in the body.

Is HGH use legal?

This issue is not exactly clear in many countries. Only those with specific medical conditions and a need for the hormone can get a prescription.  Check for legal issues surrounding use in your country before starting on a regimen. It is listed as a prescription-only drug.

Usage Instructions

Unlike other essential hormone formulations, HGH can only be injected. Users can either inject themselves or go to a clinic for the same.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process has changed over the years and it is now synthesized in a lab, to make bio-identical HGH. Bio-identical hormones are created in a lab and are identical in composition to those made by the body. Several hormones have been tested and approved for human use by the FDA. These play an important role in maintaining overall health of the user.

Where to inject

Most often, HGH is injected into areas with muscle as it facilitates better absorption. Injection sites commonly used are the biceps, gluteal area, calves or thighs. Care should be exercised to avoid hitting nerves while injecting, as it can be very painful.

It is always best to get tested before commencing with an HGH regimen. Tests include a pituitary stimulation or the IGF blood test to indicate hormone levels. Based on the results, doctors will start a patient on a hormone regimen. Opinions on optimal levels vary and it is a good idea to get a couple of opinions before embarking on the treatment.

Treatment Cost

HGH treatments are not exactly cheap – costs can vary between $500-$1000 per month or higher. Clinics which specialize in hormone replacement therapies offer a range of options and offer blood work as part of the regimen. This is key to monitoring hormone levels in the body and ensuring that the treatment is working as intended. Since the effectiveness of the hormone is very short, daily injections of 1-2 IUs are necessary.

Care & Handling

HGH should be stored carefully and handled with care. It has to be stored in a cool place – when exposed to ambient temperatures, it becomes inert. The container should not be shaken as this could impact its efficacy as well.

Boosting levels naturally

Exercise and a balanced diet can help boost HGH levels in the body naturally. Good sleep of about 7 or 8 hours every night also plays a role in maintaining good levels in the body. Supplements like glutamine, arginine and multi-vitamins can help raise HGH levels in the body.

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