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How to Vacuum a Rug

How to Vacuum a Rug

Vacuuming is an important task to keep cleanliness as well as to provide several health benefits. By removing dust, dirt, and other particles, you can prevent people with allergies or asthma from irritating. Also, it can help to increase the lifespan of your rug. At the same time, it helps to save your time and money in a long time.

Vacuum a woven rug

Look for the pile direction of your rug. To do this, you have to brush your hand along the rug. It’s important to brush woven rugs in the direction of the pile. If you stroke against the pile, it may cause softer wools to break.

By vacuuming to the pile direction, you can remove the dirt you are trying to remove. On the contrary, it will be unnecessary wear on the rug because of vacuuming against the pile direction. In addition, this can cause damage as well as shedding.

You shouldn’t vacuum the fringe. You need to use a hand to keep the fringe when you vacuum along the edges. By this way, you may damage your vacuum as well as your rug. It’s best to choose vacuums without beater bars for this job. They help to avoid being tangled inside the vacuum.

Vacuum a tufted rug

First, you need to test the underside for peeling. There is a layer of latex glue between tufted rugs. It purposes to not only protect the tufts but also prevent them from falling out. This layer will be cracked and crumbled over time. It’s time to deal with this problem right away. And, you need to clean the underside of your rug if there are any patches. However, avoid being too aggressive otherwise it can cause fibers falling out as well as the creation of bare patches.

Then, you have to look for the pile direction of your rug that is the direction the fibers naturally lay on. To do this, you need to brush your hand along the rug. As a result, your rug will be darker.

Don’t forget to vacuum according to the pile direction. Vacuuming with the pile direction helps to remove all the dirt you want to remove. Avoid vacuuming against the pile direction to prevent unnecessary wear on the rug. We recommend you to use a canister vacuum without a beater bar for the best result. Or, you can also use a similar vacuum only with suction.

Vacuum a flat weave rug

These rugs may dirty more often than other rugs. They come with no pile. Moreover, they are made of durable materials. In addition, they are thin, but sturdy nature. So, you need to vacuum these rugs regularly. However, excessive vacuuming may lead to the rug to shed.

It’s necessary to be careful when vacuuming the fringe. It may wrap around the beater bar as well as cause damage to your vacuum and rug.

If you want to remove grit wearing your rug out early, you should vacuum both sides. Also, it’s great to flip these rugs occasionally. By this way, you can distribute wear evenly to both sides. In addition, it helps to increase their lifespan and reduce shedding as well.

Vacuum a shag rug

It’s essential to flip the rug and vacuum the underside first. This purposes to dislodge dirt and dust within the rug. To do this, you should use a vacuum with a beater bar. Then, vacuum the floor underneath the rug.

You should vacuum the topside with light suction. This helps to prevent damage by pulling the tufts out of the carpet like when using one with high suction. We recommend you to use a smaller vacuum that comes with low suction in order to clean gently the topside. Also, you can use the crevice tool to do this.

Final Tips

It’s essential to dust your rugs regularly. More importantly, you need to prevent your rugs from ever settling in the first place. There may be many kinds of rugs you are using, but it’s important to use a rug pad. They can help to increase the longevity of the rug as well as prevent the rug from slipping and scratching the surface below.

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