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How to stack clen?

Through research it has been proved that by using Clen for long term, user may experience many side effects. It may result in increase of size in the cardiac muscle tissues. This will be resulted when Clen is consumed in high doses for several months. This is the result of increased collagen production in the body. Thereby, it is always advisable to stack it right to avoid the adverse side effects which might otherwise effect the user.

Different stacks

It is best recommended that a diet suppressant be used in place of an anabolic steroid to give the desired results. This works wonderfully avoiding the person to get hungry and pile on calories and hence burn the fat easily. The stack recommendation for the dosage with clen would be winstrol and anadrol or dianabol and taurine.

The first combinations of clen, winstrol and anadrol all help in burning fat. Winstrol is an anabolic steroid with a fat burning property. Winstrol retains the muscle mass while burning the fat. The combination of clen and Winstrol is known as power stack as it boosts strength endurance in the body. The body is toned with dense muscles by the use of winstrol. Since it has no estrogen releasing properties, the user can benefit its use to get a masculine physique.

Winstrol is found in both powdered and injectable form and it is highly potent so a low dose of 20mcg can do the trick, if required the levels can be increased to 70mcg. The clen cycle of dosage is same the winstrol dosage will be in 1:2 ratio so if 20mcg – 40mcg for the first day of the second week and 30mcg – 50mcg and so on as it tapers at the end of the week.

Usually the cycle of clen is begun first and then winstrol is added when clen is on the off period. As noted above if the cycle period of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, then Winstrol is started on the off period so as to continue the fat burning process begun by clen.

Anadrol is another supplement that is stacked with clen and winstrol. This drug increases the red blood cells which are vital for supplying oxygen to all parts of the body, hence increasing better aerobic activity in the muscle, hence increasing the metabolism in turn burning the fat in the body. The second stack which includes clen, dianabol and taurine. Dianabol is used to increase the muscle size in the body and make the body bulge with muscles. The body tends to look huge. Clen and Stano combination also works very well. Let us understand the top four stacks.

Top four stacks

  1. The first stack could be of winstrol, clen, anadrol
  2. The second stack could be of dianabol, taurine, clen
  3. The third stack could be winstrol, cytomel, clen
  4. The fourth stack could be winstrol, clen, novaldex

Other supplements can be added along the way in the course of the cycle depending on your needs and the training you are undergoing.

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