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How to select the right E-Juice

Most of the E-cigarette kits have e-liquid cartridge in them. Confusion and problem arise when the e-Liquid cartridge gets finished. E-liquids come in all kinds of flavors. There are thousands of e-liquids available on the internet. This makes the decision process quite difficult. E-liquids forms the soul of e-cigarette. It is the vapors from e-juice that the user inhales. Hence taking the right decision is very important.

Key questions that the buyers should ask themselves while buying e-juice

  1. Flavor preference: E-liquids are available in almost every flavor that anyone can imagine: fruit, tobacco-based, cocoa, food, and cocktails. Flavor plays a very important role in vaping. The user gets the taste of cheapest e liquid in Australia while vaping. Hence it is very important to select the flavor as per one’s liking. It’s of no use of buying a cocoa-flavored e-liquid the user doesn’t like the taste of cocoa.
  2. Nicotine content: The buyers should select a nicotine strength depending on their usage. E-Juice with no or low nicotine strength is advisable for new users. Advanced smokers would enjoy e-cigarettes which have higher nicotine strength in their e-liquid.
  3. VG/PG ratio: Vegetable Glycerol and Propylene Glycol forms the base of an e-liquid. An e-liquid can either be VG based or PG based or can be a mix of both. PG based e-liquids produces less amount of vapors but have a strong flavor. Vg based e-juices are sweet in flavor and generates lots of vapors. Users can select e-juice depending on their preference for flavor, vapor quantity, allergy, etc.

It might take some time to find the right e-liquid. However, with so many options available the user can always go for testing more than one flavor. Some of the online retailers sell tester packs. The users can select e-liquids they want to try. Once the testing is done, the user can order e-liquids, which they liked in the testing pack.

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