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How to Remove Random People from Your Photo with Movavi Photo Editor

It is common for random people to appear in the photo that you are taking. Someone may walk across from in front or the back at the person that you are taking photo of. People like to stop by to look at you taking photo so you also end up taking photo of them. Unwanted objects in the background can be removed easily with the background removal tool in Movavi Photo Editor.

It is easy to learn how to remove someone from a picture with Movavi Photo Editor. If you want to remove an object/person, you must open the Object Removal tab. The photo must first be loaded into the software before you can remove the unwanted object. You can select multiple photos and drag them together into the drag and drop area. With the photo now loaded into the software, you must go to the Object Removal tab.

You can select the unwanted object with either the brush tool or lasso tool. You must paint the object with the brush tool. The object will become red color when you paint it with the brush tool. It is not necessary to exactly paint the entire object with red color. It is normal to be careless when handling the brush tool which cause some red color to appear on the area just outside the unwanted object.

You can highlight more than one unwanted object/person that you want to get rid from the photo. The software will quickly work in removing the red colored objects when you click the Cut Out button. It won’t take long and all the red colored objects will be removed by the time the progress bar reach 100{fe4f725b1f38b4aacd2beeed47499c5b78277adc9852c656a6df1e044992f187}. After the object removal process is completed, you can press the export button to save the picture. You can use the back and forward arrow to go to previous or next pictures if you load multiple pictures into the software. You can only edit one picture at a time. The picture that you have exported will automatically be closed and the next picture will appear on the preview screen.

The background may not be ideal when you are taking photo. Actually, you don’t have to waste money and time to set up a nice background for taking the photograph. You can use a picture of a perfect setting as the new background after having removing the original background via the background tool in Movavi Photo Editor. For example, if your photo features a person with a gray background, you can use the red brush to mark the gray background and mark the person with some green brush strokes. The background removal tool offers both red and green brush tools unlike the object removal tool where only the green brush tool can be round.

Because of this, the background removal tool is suitable for extracting cliparts from a photo. You simply mark the object you want to use as clipart and mark the other objects and the background with red. When you click the cut out button, only the object that you want to use as clipart will remain in the photo. You can go to the crop tab to crop off the excess area so that the clipart won’t have too much transparent area.

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