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How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering Your Home

Knowing how to prevent the bed bug is like the half the battle is won. So check out the ways to prevent the bed bugs from entering your home and affecting you badly.

Take Care of Household Items

Avoid bringing furniture, mattresses, bed frames from the street. Purchase the furniture from the shop that guarantees you bed bugs free furniture. Take extra caution when you purchase second-hand furniture. Do not place the items like bags, purses, backpacks where you sleep. Avoid taking the used mattresses and if you buy a new one keep up the plastic cover to avoid infestation. When you come from outside, wash hands immediately and keep the clothes for washing as it may be infested. So prevent them from entering your home and creating problems for you. As there is a popular saying that-

“Prevention is Better Than A Cure”

Regular Cleaning & Washing

It’s important to clean the home regularly as they may accumulate and multiply quickly.

Check the corners, curtain rods, sofas, chair and electronic items if they have laid eggs there. They normally found in the sleeping areas like bed and sofa. Avoid the stagnant water, littering and illegal dumping around you and nearby areas in the community. Clean the area time to time. Use vacuum cleaners to suck the bugs and cleaning your rooms. Use the flashlight to identify the places where they may hide and fool you. If the place is dirty, then there are more chances of bugs to come and thrive so cleaning the home is a better option than allowing a place for them to come. Wash your clothes, fabrics, bed sheets to prevent the infestation. It is recommended to use hot water for washing so that if there are any eggs laid by them, then it gets washed away.

Natural Ways for Prevention

Apply tea tree oil around the frames of windows or doors so that they will not enter your home. As its smell is very strong to even kill them if they are entering your home. Lavender oil is also helpful as it is concentrated liquid and its smell lasts for long. So apply on the areas such as bed frames and corners. So even if the bug entered by chance then he will be killed and you can get rid of it soon. Sometimes they may come from your neighbor’s home and lay eggs near your home. So spread alcohol or lavender oil or tea tree oil to kill their eggs instantly. As they will multiply and grow very quickly and create problems for you. It will not only affect you but whole building or community. So ask all the people in your community meetings to keep the home clean and suggest them all these ways so that they can get rid of the bugs as well.

Follow these simple ways to prevent the bugs from entering your home as well as in your community.

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