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How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

Developing Psychic Powers and Abilities

You don’t have to be ‘chosen’ or ‘gifted’ in order to unlock your inner psychic abilities.

Anyone can develop psychic powers and abilities, no matter who you are, by using some proven techniques.

You may already be experiencing some form of psychic powers and not even know it. Full tutorial can be found on

Developing Your Psychic Abilities – A 3 Step Plan

A three-step method that allows anyone to develop his or her psychic abilities.

This Plan Is Based On:

1) Relaxing and accepting your intuition

2) Recording your insights

3) Keeping a record and learning to interpret as you go

Many people wake up to the possibility that they may have psychic ability when they have a sudden “flash” or “insight” that later comes true.

You may have had such a flash, and then wondered, “Is this psychic ability, or just a coincidence?”

I assure you: many people DO receive psychic flashes – but most people ignore them.

Learning to encourage them, recognize them, and interpret them is the key to developing your psychic abilities.

STEP ONE: Encouraging Psychic Flashes

The key to opening yourself to psychic energies is relaxing, and trusting your intuition. Do you remember the tsunami of 2004?

After the water had cleared, rescue workers and scientists were amazed to discover that although the ground was littered with wreckage and human casualties, there were hardly any animals to be found. They had all headed to higher ground, intuitively, and returned only when it was safe.

They certainly hadn’t read in any encyclopedia to head to higher ground when the earth rumbles. But their intuition told them to, and they listened.

That instinct exists in all living things, but modern society has drowned it out in most humans. We base our lives on psychology today, rather than on instinct. Getting back in touch with that instinct is the key to receiving psychic energy from the universe.

How? Relax. Meditate. Follow a daily relaxation ritual that clears your mind of outside interference, and lets your intuition take over.

STEP TWO: Recognizing Them

After relaxing your mind, you will still be bombarded with thoughts and images. Most of them will just be your subconscious telling you some problem or another that it’s working on.

But if you enter a relaxed, meditative state, and receive an especially clear or repeating message or image that you can’t relate to anything you’ve been thinking about recently, chances are that this is intuition talking to you.

Listening to this intuition is step two in developing your psychic abilities.

Buy yourself a pad, and write down your intuitive thoughts and visions. This will become your “psychic journal” – the written record that will become the key to developing your psychic abilities.

Keep a space blank below each where you can write down what, if anything happens in the near future that the vision may have been referring to.

STEP THREE: Interpreting Them

Sometimes, a vision will practically scream at you, “DON’T RIDE THE BUS TODAY!” Other times, the image or thought is much more difficult to interpret.

The best way of developing your psychic abilities is by keeping your journal up to date, and by going back and seeing the connections in hindsight. This will tell you the particular way psychic energies manifest in YOUR mind.

As you begin to see similarities and patterns emerge, you will gain more confidence and trust in your ability to predict. Maybe for you, images are symbolic, and you’ll notice that each time a particular plant or animal appears in a psychic flash, some related thing happens in YOUR life shortly thereafter.

Open yourself to the energies through meditation, notice them as they come in, and keep a journal of them as you go. And before you know it, you’ll be well on the way to developing your psychic abilities.

The Key to Unlocking Psychic Abilities

A simple meditation that will allow you to enter a psychic trance at will.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had psychic intuitions. Those moments when you think of an old friend you haven’t thought about in years – and then later discover they’ve been in an accident.

Or that eerie feeling, as you walk through the woods, that someone is watching you – only to have a deer leap out of the brush a moment later!

We all have those moments. But now you want to take that next step. Unlocking psychic abilities – making them INSTANTLY available, when you need them – is not as hard as you might think.

These psychic flashes come when you’re in a relaxed, open, and accepting state of mind. And when you are, they come whether you want them or not!

This simple meditation will help get you into that state of mind – every time. And it only takes a few minutes. Let’s get started.

Lie down on the floor. If you can’t, then sit upright in a straight-backed chair. You want to get in a position that will allow all your muscles to relax, without any chance of putting you to sleep.

Now close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths, and begin to visualize a ball of soft, white light, gathering above your head.

With each deep breath, it gets a little brighter, a little stronger. Continue until you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye.

Now, with each breath you exhale; feel the ball descend a little bit down your body. As you inhale, it gets brighter, stronger, and warmer. And as you exhale it descends first down over the crown of your head and your forehead, soothing as it goes.

Feel the warm, soft light easing away the tension in your scalp as you breathe out.

The next time you exhale, feel it relaxing the muscles in your face.

Then, in your neck.Your shoulders.Your chest and upper arms.Your stomach and lower arms.Your pelvis and hands.Your thighs, knees, calves, feet, and toes.

Now, you should be relaxed enough that unlocking psychic abilities will be a breeze. The next step is to clear your mind.

You should still be on the floor, with the ball of light at your feet. Now, consciously bring the ball up in front of you, raising it up to just over the level of your eyes.

Next, will the ball to shrink. Condense. Get smaller, brighter, and stronger. See the small white sphere floating a foot or so in front of you. Concentrate on it until everything else disappears from your mind.

Now, bring it in slowly, slowly towards your forehead – just above your eyes. Feel it as touches your skin. Let it penetrate, enter your mind. Slow it down and bring it to a stop just inside your head, right above eye level.

By now, it should be filling your field of “vision.” See nothing but the pure white light, and continue breathing slowly.

Now, the most important part. Gently let go of the idea that you’re performing an exercise. Just be at one with the pure white light, and notice whatever images and thoughts happen to float along.

Open your eyes and shake off the trance as soon as mundane thoughts begin to intrude. Record your visions, and see if you can work out what the universe was telling you.

With practice, you’ll soon be unlocking psychic abilities you never knew you had!

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