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How the Quality of Pearl Is Decided?

Quality of Pearl

Pearls are considered unique as they are organic, natural products created in living creatures. They are available in different quality and grades.

Firstly, their types are identified as follows:

  1. Akoya
  2. Freshwater
  3. South Sea
  4. Tahitian

Each of these types of pearls is created by a different mollusc species and each type of mollusc is found in a different part of the world where climatic conditions are different. There are 6 factors that determine the quality, beauty and value of pearls.

     1. Pearl size

The value of any pearl will be determined by looking at its size. Larger the pearl value will be more.

     2. Pearl colour

Pearls are available in many different colours e.g. white, aqua, champagne, green, black and golden. Choosing any preferred overtone is individual choice and taste. Any pink pearl necklace will suit more in fair skin.

     3. Pearl nacre

Nacre is a kind of natural substance which will be secreted by the molluscs to protect their sensitive flesh from various irritants e.g. parasites, shell fragments or implanted beads. These irritants are the certain beautiful iridescent materials that creates different lines inside the surface of any mollusc shells, which is rightly named as mother of pearl. The thickness of nacre is the quality characteristic, which is only applied to bead-nucleated or saltwater pearls.

     4. Pearl lustre

With lustre you can measure the quality and quantity of light which is reflected from its surface, or under its surface. Any good quality pearls will have bright and sharp lustre. It is possible to see your own reflection clearly on pearl surface. Any pearl which appears too white, chalky or dull is considered as low quality.

     5. Pearl surface

Cleaner the surface, more valuable the pearl is. Try to look for any absence of disfiguring bumps, cracks or spots on the pearl surface, also called “cleanliness.” Remember that the best quality of pearls will have a very sharp and mirror-like reflection.

     6. Pearl shape

Perfectly round shaped pearl can be very rare. More the rounder more valuable pearl it is. Any Baroque pearls are usually not in symmetrical shape but lustrous and appealing, yet it will cost less than any round pearls.

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