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How Singaporeans Can Reduce Electricity Bills by Saving Energy

As an electricity consumer, you must be looking out for ways that can help you save money on your electricity bills. The truth is that even though this is very possible, as well as easy to do, there are lots of consumers who ignore it as they may see these changes as cumbersome (or ‘mafan’). This has made them pay extra on electricity monthly when they can save.

With this article, you are about to discover some of the most convenient energy hacks on how to save money on your electricity charges. By the end of this article, you will be wondering what took you so long to practice them.

Cooling yourself using the fan

Opting out of using the air-conditioner is a great trick that you can use to reduce your electricity bill today. Start replacing your air-conditioners with fans around the house as a fan uses less energy than an air-conditioner and it better circulates air in the area. Based on a National Environment Agency’s survey, using this strategy can make you save over $55 monthly on electricity charges.

Regulating your air-conditioner

There are those who may not want to use the fan due to the comfort that air-conditioners bring. Try to ensure your air-conditioner is set at a particular temperature, do not tune it full blast at the lowest temperature. 250C will be great since it can ensure your room is comfortable enough. In fact, this will impact your bills significantly as air-conditioners usage  contributes up to a quarter of your monthly household electricity bills.

Let your clothes embrace the cold

The amount of energy used by the washing machine decreases significantly when cold water is used to wash clothes. This is simply due to the fact that heating up a large amount of water for each washing cycle consumes electricity. Unless heaving stains are involved, it is unnecessary to use warm water as detergents and washing powders can handle the load.

Regulating the use of appliances

Simple – Use them sparingly and turn it off when you are not using! For instance, ensure that your appliances have been turned off and unplugged before going to bed as appliances in standby mode also consume energy.

Sometimes people make use of appliances unnecessarily. One key activity is the constant opening and closing of the refrigerator. The energy needed to regulate the temperature and airflow contributes after opening and closing each time is significant. So, take out all that is needed at one go instead of making multiple trips.

Engaging with affordable electricity providers
The fully extended Open Electricity Market (OEM) means that your household has the option to pay a different rate from the regulated electricity tariff by engaging with SP Group.

Retailers in the OEM offer competitive prices to ensure that consumers like you become their customers. Ensure that you have considered your needs before choosing a plan as different plans cater to different consumers.

Make the switch to a leading electricity provider and begin saving on your electricity bills today.

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