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How do you keep Your Team Motivated?

Keeping your teammates motivated may sound like a hard task, but once you learn a couple of tricks, it becomes like a fun and interesting game. To push their limits and accomplish their goals, people need proper motivation. Managing a firm, owning a business and even leading a scout team requires excellent communication skills.

Here are 4 ways you can keep your team motivated:

  1. Upgrade Your Office

This motivation tip especially applies to businesses, but it can be applied in other situations as well. The actual space where people work is very important. It should be pleasant looking, comfortable and practical.

Your teammates won’t shine their brightest if your office has grey walls, plain furniture and no plants. Of course, you should also mind practicality since you don’t want your entire office to be covered in flowers to that end that nobody will be able to walk, yet alone work.

  1. Promote Teamwork

Sharing experiences with your team outside of work is the key for building trustworthy and strong relationships. A couple of picnics or group activities once a month won’t do you any harm. Plus, there are hundreds of budget-friendly options out there.

However, you should also make sure that these activities promote teamwork. This is why many managers are deciding to invest in corporate team building events at least once a year.

Fostering collaboration within the team through activities such as escape rooms will immediately change workflow in the office.

  1. Set Clear Goals

Confusion isn’t a rare thing in teams. During intense times and tight schedules, tons of things can go astray. This is why you should determine clear goals before the actual work starts.

To avoid stress, confusion and conflict, carefully set specific goals to each team member. While doing so, have in mind their strengths and weakness. Also, be open to complaints and suggestions since you can get amazing insight from your teammates.

  1. Award Success

To get people motivated even further, try to add small awards after a certain goal has been reached. People are generally motivated by high paychecks, but they will definitely appreciate more recognition through awards.

Getting a paycheck, without any thankyou’s or gift cards can even demotivate some individuals. If your budget is tight, think of creative and interesting ways to give recognition. However, in any situation, you must go an extra mile to award good work and success.

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